Introduce yourself 👋

Hello Emily, welcome aboard

Maybe you can start by checking the following thread

That might keep you entertained for a while

Hope it helps

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Welcome to the community Emily, there’s lots of first time investors here so you’ll fit right in :smile:

At the moment, you’ve done everything you can with the Android app. We’ll be releasing the full app, which you’ll use to create your Freetrade account, within the next few weeks though. Watch this space for updates :smile:

While you’re getting started, feel free to ask any questions you have in this topic: Ask your beginners questions here 🐣.

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Hi Raul,
Many thanks for that - i’ll give that a look. :+1:t4:
I walk a lot to and from work so I do love a good podcast! :sunglasses:


Hi Alex,
thanks for the quick response.
Sounds like I found you at a good time then!

Cheers :+1:t4:

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Hi all :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀my name is Emma, I am totally new to investing. I am reading books at the moment to try to understand enough ready to start investing. Few facts about me: I am a Christian and have been now for around 6 years, I am a mum of 4 children, I am passionate about people and helping them grow to be the person they were created to be. I am director of our family business that i run daily, which I love and find it so much fun. I love reading and i am excited to start uni in september. Do you have tips on starting out in the investing world?


Hello Emma, welcome to Freetrade

If by tips you mean what specific stocks to buy, then I’m afraid I have to say that it’s not possible. We can all share our personal opinions on a specific investment or strategy but we can’t give advice, let alone tips, on what to buy, hold or sell. Sorry

Now, if by tips you mean that you would like to get indications on what resources may be available and where to find them so that you can learn about the subject, then I have good news for you. Many of the members have been making suggestions and you find many of them grouped in this thread


Hope that helps


Hi @alex.s et al :wave:! Completely new to this… including participating in a forum :sweat_smile:. I’ve had Monzo for a couple of years and I’m completely sold on the idea of app based personal finance.

I’m at the stage in life where I’ve, after several years, finally saved enough of an emergency fund that I now feel able to put money away into something else.

I know zilch about shares and how to analyse the performance of a company, so discovering that there’s such a thing as an ETF was amazing to me! As a newbie, I feel a lot more confident investing money in a passive tracker, knowing that it gives you a great deal of diversification without having to do much work.

I’ve invested a small amount on another platform, but quickly realised that at £10 a go, that’s not sustainable. I did some googling and discovered Freetrade :heart_eyes:. Eagerly waiting on the Android App going live and starting my investment journey proper!


Hi Hamish :wave:

It’s great to have you here & I agree, ETFs are awesome! It sounds like you’re getting to grips with investing pretty quickly already :slight_smile:

When it comes to individual companies, you might find our new #stock-take series gives some clues about what sorts of things to consider.

Hopefully you’ll find this forum & everyone else here really helpful while you’re starting out. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Awaiting with interest!

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Hi just joined this hoping to learn more on trading. I’m George from Northumberland.
I’m retired and trying to educate myself on crypto and blockchain which is where many and various industries seem to be heading. So would like to ask if anyone can advise of companies that operate, provide blockchain knowhow services to other businesses?


Hello! I’m Matt, I live in the Forest of Dean and am looking forward to the release of the Android app. I have little experience with investing so am looking forward to delving into this community and learning as I go!


Hello and welcome @jmamccarthy , @Geobow and @MH2612 !

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George, there was a long discussion about cryptos here Cryptocurrencies (Poll & Discussion) a while ago. Two places to look might be: the very crypto-positive Pomp and the fairly crypto-negative David Gerard . I lean toward the latter because I think blockchains are typically complicated and expensive (esp in electricity) solutions to problems that don’t actually need distributed uncensorable networks. And buying cryptocurrencies themselves feels more like gambling than investing. To me anyway. Good luck.


Rod, Thanks for links

Agree buying crypto is a bit of a gamble, same as stocks & share. I am looking for someone or company that builds the mechanics / developers who sell their services to other businesses.


Hi , I’m mark .

I’ve been investing in crypto for a year or so .
Looking to getting into stocks . I’m after purchasing around 20 US stocks so looking for a broker that ain’t gonna fee the ass out of me .
Joined up with EToro and Fineco .
Then I’ve noticed this W-8BEN thing , confused everything .

Hope everyone’s well , looks like a great community .


I’ve been there! It’s amazing. The place is basically The Shire.

Welcome Matthew, George, and Mark!


You figured that bit out now?

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No not really .

If I fill out one W-8BEN , does that cover me for every broker or do I have to fill one at each broker .
I filled one in with EToro ( electronically signed ) . But with Fineco they said I don’t need to do one , and they said that before I did the EToro W8ben form .

You’ll need to complete the form with each broker I’m afraid :fountain_pen: fortunately ours only takes a minute or two to get through, in the app.


This is a blatant lie. Took my a few seconds, will take you 10 to 20 if you actually read before signing :grin: