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I’d recommend for crypto news. It’s a readable roundup of the important news each week, with the authors cutting through the bs that sounds some of these projects. This week’s coverage of the IOTA debacle is a good example.

This week’s animal spirits covers Robinhood and how the legacy banks could reverse their growth, worth a listen


Just a quick question..

Do you read Finimize’s newsletter / use their app, at least once a week?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did for a bit but didn’t hold my attention.

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I get daily emails from Finimize. They’re usually pretty short and can be read in a couple of minutes.

They also do a little ‘summary’ of the main news stories, and if they don’t interest me then I just delete the email rather than scrolling down and finding out the full story! Can be useful to get the main one or two pieces of news if you was busy that day!


A community member recently recommended me the Acquired podcast.

I managed to listen to the Tencent and Tesla episodes over the holidays, and those stories have more twists than a season of 24. :tv::boom:


I get it, probably read once a month. Haven’t used the app.

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