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@Elettric, thank you! I use Stockrow for screening (you may find Finviz more convenient but I feel it is a bit old-fashioned). For news sentiments I find TipRanks the best tool ever created by humans. Also shows you other metrics and insider trading information.


Thank you very much @Vlad!
I will give a good look once I get back home.
I knew msn money and yahoo finance, are ok but I was not completely satisfied by them. The scanner of Google was better but now, as far as I know, is no more. So I was looking for better alternative.

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@Vlad Stockrow is amazing! Thanks! Too bad is only US listed stocks.
I found it really well done and with almost everything you might want to know.
I still need to explore it more.

Finviz is great to screen with the parameters you want but the company page I find it a little confusing. Also US listed even if is nice to see the location of the company.

TipRanks is quite cool with keywords and other useful bits and pieces to get the news. I need to explore it more and I hit the pay wall a number of times so far.

I have still so much to learn but is so cool!

By any chance do you know equivalent sites for other markets like for the UK?

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My personal interest in the UK stocks yet is zero. I don’t like dividends and very much prefer growth, hence only US and China for me. Yet :wink:

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China is a very peculiar market especially in the mainland with the Party having their hands everywhere directly or indirectly. But without any shadow of doubt a very interesting one with potential HUGE upside.
Do you have anything China oriented?
In particular any suggestion on how analyse things?

I’m very interested myself in the Chinese market but I have still a way to go.

I’m sorry I went wildly off topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

When I said “Chinese” I really meant Chinese stocks on NYSE, so still, something you could look into using the above-mentioned stock screeners you could use for analysis :smile:

If anyone else can suggest alternative stock screeners or other analytical tools - would be great to see the variety in here.


I see. I gave a quick look and there were more than I expected company listed.

I totally agree that it would be nice having something equivalently good also for UK and all other exchanges especially if they are going to be added in Freetrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi All,

If you want a good screener for UK stocks - I recommend

F-Score (Piotroski) is one of my favourite qualitative metrics . You can combine that with some chart reading for timing/entries.

Finviz - is ok ish but a better alternative is Chartmill


Can recommend Simply Wall St as well

Great interface and lots of juicy data from just about any market

Here’s my referral code, give it a go :slight_smile:


Absolutely support Simply Wall St.

Just a word of caution - when they deem stock being very undervalued or overvalued - it is only based on their bespoke algorithms which is not always reflection of the reality.

But the stats are usually legitimate and presented in a very nice and easily comprehensible way


Anyone got recommendations for good screeners that are available on the App Store?

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WeBull for tracking your portfolio and Yahoo Finance for screening

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I always wanted a portfolio tracker that encouraged slow patience and discouraged bad investor behaviour. Something without the real-time red and green price ticks twitching up and down, which I think encourage many investors to Act Now, to make a trade quick quick. And which for many of us will be a bad thing because, well, we know nothing. I want something that will encourage me to hold the line, to be patient, to minimise trades, to not try time the market or sell high/buy low. Measure progress toward my goal, rather than against other investors’ performance or the market.

Have used a Google spreadsheet for ages to do this, pulling in current stock prices from googlefinance, though since googlefinance was updated a month or so ago, it won’t get current prices for UK mutual funds :frowning:


Has anyone ever used Stockopedia?

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Does not look appealing to me. Does not give you any information other than some basic aspects like a graph and the market cap (seriously?) without subscription. The subscription for the US and the UK stocks costs £45 a month.

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I trialled Stockopedia a few years back, and quite liked it.

Although the free version is extremely limited, the paid version has some useful analytics in a clean format. The ‘guru screens’ provide beginner insight into some seasoned investor’s strategies and the ranking methodology is a useful sense check of some important characteristics.

The costs can rack up (especially if you want coverage across all markets), but it’s not a lot compared to a Bloomberg terminal :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said all that, it wasn’t the right thing for me at the time and I never subscribed, but I’d recommend checking out the free trial if you’re interested.


I used StockScreen123. It was great and free. Now it is part of Portfolio123, not free any more.