What tools do you use when trading?

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get a bit of help and build a list of the useful free tools / websites there are to inform trading decisions! It would be great to know what you use for:

  • Earnings / trading update calendar
  • RNS alerts
  • Chat / discussion forums
  • General trading information
  • Live pricing
  • Market watch / broker ratings etc.


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For live pricing I usually use Google.
And then pick articles from sources I trust for info.
I then also use Yahoo finance for analysis.
Discussion forum is now here, but maybe someone else has something better.

I use a watch list of all my shares in the Money app in Windows 10. And enter my exact holdings into my FT portfolio I prefer the portfolio stats in FT over the LSE one.

For Dividends, i use https://www.dividendmax.com/dividends/notifications# - This will send me emails about what dividends i am getting.

To determine what stocks to buy, i use Simply Wall St. There is a good guide on how to use it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6lL2q6GKFc&t=1735s

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Originally I used SharePrice for live pricing, but that doesn’t exist now.

For forums/chat I like ii discussions, lemon fool, and here! I don’t post on Lemon Fool any more but it’s still good to read.

I use Genuine Impact for screening and double checking my picks.

I’ve actually moved my pension to PensionBee so it’s all in one place (bar the current work pension.) I did try Nutmeg for the SIPP but I prefer how PensionBee could merge everything together with less hassle. I invest with my ISA and in a GIA but I’m not comfortable to risk everything with my pension, not yet anyway!

I’m subscribed to a few asset managers for their blogs to get a feel for the markets and to stay in touch.

Also I’m a huge fan of Finimize, it’s an excellent daily update and gives me some interesting water-cooler talk.


I use Stockopedia people might think it’s pricey but it’s worth its weight in gold. Their stock ranking system is excellent and having everything in one place is very handy.

I also use the email notification for dividends from DividendMax

I also find Bloomberg is good for data, articles are under a paywall after reading 3 I believe. This is a good chart

I listen to the following podcasts:

  • FT News Briefing
  • FT Money Show
  • This is Money Podcast
  • Fintech Insider

I use the following apps on my phone:

  • FreeTrade (of course)
  • Bloomberg
  • Yahoo Finance
  • FT
  • CNBC

I mainly use the apps for push notifications, to see breaking news or important news frequently. As the FT requires a subscription but if you have the app installed you still get the notifications.

I also set up a Google Alert for every stock i own or are looking at. This is handy for catching breaking news, with this though…check the sources.

I also follow the companies on linkedin that I own.

I am looking for a site that has decent heatmaps for the UK market, that would be handy.


For me…

Monitoring prices:

  • iOS Stocks app
  • My Google Sheet

Trying to figure out why prices have changed:

  • Reuters
  • Google News
  • Twitter
  • Etc.

For research:

  • Investor relations sites
  • Simply Wall St
  • Reuters, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  • Stratechery

General interest, getting ideas:

  • Economist
  • Finimise newsletter
  • Morning Brew newsletter
  • This community!

@Phil love morning brew, I get the Benzinga one as well which is very similar. Gurufocus! GM example. Shrunk pic to not clog the thread but you can click and open


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