Data apps/websites

What apps do we all use for data etc. I use which is great the data is unbelievable. 8 pound a month though. Anything you guys use similar

I also use and but only the free accounts.

Market watch
Simply Wall Street


Yahoo finance
Google finance

I don’t feel the need to pay extra for anything as I can find out what I want.

I don’t mind paying but is way too much 16 pound is way to much

Been using this lately


What a nerdy site. I love it!

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Interesting site. Never heard of it before.
I presume its still in beta though!

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Looks like it but really useful

IBD - Absolute gold for determining strongest US stocks - Great for screening US stocks - Great for screening UK stocks - Good for gathering intraday UK stock data - I like to look at the the ‘Most Traded’ list

TradingView - Where I screen / manage stocks / view spread / price action / view ‘live’ data etc

My method for screening is to download the Freetrade current list of stocks as a CSV and then separate them into UK / US lists - Then go to work!


Webull is worth a mention too. It’s my personal favourite. I think I’m right in saying you get free Level 2 market data for a few months when signing up. It’s a shame that it no longer includes UK stocks.