Where do you research?

I’m trying to understand my investments better going forward, being quite new to this.

Clearly research is important, but where do you do your live research on stocks ?

Currently I use free tools… Etoro for ideas and charts, the free parts of ADFVN for news and data and the free data available from Simply Wall Street app seems very comprehensive…but who knows how accurate it all is.

My investments are small as just starting so I don’t want to be paying £30 a month for Stockopedia or Morningstar…maybe when I hit £25k or something I will review that.

What do you recommend? And if you pay for a service, do you feel you get value from that?

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JustETF and the AIC website have it pretty much covered for me as I only hold ETFs and trusts.

You may want to check out the free tiers offered by Genuine Impact and Simply Wall Street. It’s a bit buggy but Yahoo’s stock screener is worth a look too.


If they are British stocks, I really like the performance tables on This Is Money. You can check both FTSE and AIM and can get all sorts of info about financial fundamentals, broker views, latest trades, director deals, etc. Absolutely free:

For dividends, dividenddata.co.uk is brilliant. If you don’t find the company in the list, it will usually be because they’ve not yet declared but you can search for it and get historical data. Again, absolutely free:

EDIT - not sure how to get rid of the annoying big window for one and not the other but hopefully makes the point anyway.


I use a few sources for information and tracking of my portfolio. Marketbeat, Simply Wall St, Google finance, dividend max, dividend watch. I also stumbled upon the AJ Bell top buys and sells page and what I like about this is you can filter by day, month, shares and ETF’s etc. Although I don’t follow the herd, it’s a good way to validate my strategy. I know Freetrade have a similar page, but that’s only updated each week. I also use stock events because I like how the data is presented and I can have widgets on my android home screen.


I have the Simply Wall St app…seems very good data for free :ok_hand:

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Great tip, thanks. I have downloaded the app for a closer look :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit - the app seems good for news and stories but the website has some nice market data :+1:

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I think I have a couple of free accounts, just in case I want to look at more than 10 companies in a month.

It’s also worth reading annual reports and updates from the company itself via the regulatory news service, for example. I’d imagine far too few people actually do this.


Ive been using ADVFN (free side) to get my RNS on my holdings…Naked trader’s book put me up to it :rofl:

Email notifications are handy :ok_hand:

seekingAlpha mostly…yahooFinance also

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So much choice out there, which is great.

Good to hear everyones go-to sites. Hadn’t heard of seeking alpha, thanks :+1: