Does anyone use this? If not I would highly recommend looking into the site, the way the rank stocks is very clever. It really allows you to narrow down your picks for deeper research.

I have used it before, to play around with the site to paper trade. I will be using the site inline with FT to help pick decent stocks. personally i feel this is worth the cost, to help you pick better stocks and loosing less in the market.

I had use of it on a free trial. I did like it however I went for Simply Wall St in the end. Just found it easier to analyse stocks etc.

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Hi, @Pazza I’m using Simply Wall Street at the moment and finding the breakdowns for each stock great. It’s definitely a great recommendation. However, having ETFs in my portfolio seems to ruin my future annual growth as they don’t have any data for the ETF’s. Are you experiencing the same issue?

Yes they don’t really cater for ETF’s sadly.

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I used it a couple of years ago. It is very good, but the cost is a little off putting. I’m all about keeping my fees low, and so with a modest ~£5.6k portfolio on Freetrade, the UK package at £225 per year would be effectively a 4% annual fee. I will look at this again when (if) Freetrade offers SIPPs.

The Naked Trader has a 25% off Stockopedia offer on his website.
Direct link:
I assume this is an affiliate arrangement for him. I have no connection nor benefit (sadly!).

He has a good screen on stockopedia where I picked 90% of my stocks and done pretty well.

I prefer to stick with Yahoo finance and a trusty excel sheet. Price is a little off putting for me to consider Stockopedia right now.

I tried Simply Wall Street, I liked the design but didn’t trust it. It over simplifies the data and it made me too cautious of making poor decisions.

I’m currently trialling Atom Finance, first impressions are good but again it seems to oversimplify things so I’ll see how it goes (worth noting that it only seems to be for US companies)

Where are Atom getting their data from? Stockopedia gets their data from Thomson Reuters and Financial Express so it’s trust worthy.

Having said that the Atom UI looks awesome! I basically want something that’s a Bloomberg alternative for the UK market that doesn’t cost 21k a year lol

Its from Thomson Reuters or Refinitiv as they’re now known

going to check it out then, but I am more of a UK stock guy. Although FT should defo look at building something like this for their WEB UI, so they’re able to keep users in once place.