Investment research to use before investing?

Hi everyone!

Just wondering what resources and publications everyone uses to make investment decisions and follow the markets? Any tips appreciated. I follow a couple but I’m sure there’s more and better:

-Financial Times

Thank you!

Morningstar is my main source, followed by Trustnet, and the Financial Times for general market news. I have recently started using Simply Wall Street to look at individual company stocks, and I like the way they present financial data in a nutshell, but their ‘analysis’ articles appear to be written by bots. I enjoy listening to ‘Animal Spirits Podcast’, too.

I look at Simply Wall Street and then do some Googling and such if I’m tempted by a company.
I’m fairly new to investing and was busy clearing my remaining debt when the first 2020 stock market crash happened. Though it is of course in no way a guarantee of a return and everyone should absolutely do their own research, I like using their Screener tool to look for companies whose share price is still low and to check if their fundamentals look good. Though it’s completely valid to say that the data they use is at least mostly publicly available, I think they present it in a nice way.

try Koyfin | Advanced graphing and analytical tools for investors

Great place to a lot of stock related things and make comparisons, no ads, and free atm.