Your favourite company information sources

(Ben) #1

As we grow closer to the launch of the Android app I am keen to start preparing my thoughts for company share information. I am particularly interested on debt information on a company, interest cover etc as well as all the usual stuff like dividend yields and PE ratio. My question on some equities is why is the yield so high - is it because the company is geared to its eyeballs or has it no future?

I am happy to subscribe for really good information. So what are your top sources?

(Liam Thompson) #2

I use Finwiz, I really like their stock mapping graph


Finviz is great, also check out - I’ll be doing a vid on them soon, but I think its the best tool I’ve used for the purposes you mentioned.

I think the Dividend Yield is high as the potential for growth is low, so they use dividends as a way to attract investors. However some use it as a way to reward investors even if they’re still growing, they’d rather reduce their tax bill and benefit investors at the same time.

Good luck!

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

I simply cannot recommend Koyfin enough. I used to use Finviz and Stockrow before. Now it is only Koyfin for me.

(Ryan) #5

Simply Wall St and Yahoo Finance/MSN Money are common places I will look.
I think Morningstar is really good as you can get 5 years worth on information, and I like how everything is laid out.

I have never heard of Koyfin but gonna check it out now!


First time I’ve heard of Koyfin - Will check it out for sure!


Stockopedia - they take Thomson Reuters data and have their own proprietary value/quality/momentum factors. It’s subscription based but speaking some experience, the value I get from the platform has paid for the subscription fee many times over.


If you’d like to give Stockopedia a go (they do a free trial) - here’s my referral link!

(Ben) #9

Thanks for these guys. I will be bookmarking a few. Definitely hadn’t even heard of Koyfin before