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I was looking through the Freetrade roadmap and saw that Freetrade web might be more than >6 Months away. I find searching through the 611 items in the FT universe difficult (maybe because I am a newbie investor) looking through the excel document and then having to search / research each company can be time consuming. Thinking what can I do to speed up the process. Rather than complain :smile: ! I started to build a searchable website for just Freetrade Universe (intended for just myself). I’ve structured it to easily accommodate the next batch of 250 stocks, i’ll be able to copy and paste into the database (max 60 seconds to do). Going forward, I’ll look to update each item with a relevant link to each company. Drop some columns (not sure we need full name). Maybe look at pulling the live stock prices (that amount of API calls isn’t free).

I think other users ‘may’ benefit from it so I’m sharing it on the community forum. Feel free to provide any feedback. I’ve added some responsive features into the design so should work well on mobile. Remember this is version 1.0 it won’t be shiny and somethings won’t work (but i’ll fix them…)

Demo Video: Version 2.0 (Autonomous Edition)

Past Versions

Demo Video: Version 1.6 (Top 10 Edition)

Demo Video: Version 1.5 (fnery Edition)

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version: 1.0

Freetrade Universe Web

GitHub Link - Feel free to download / contribute

That’s brilliant. Well handy, could you have a way of indicating newly added stocks?
and I’m sure lots on here would like a yes/no Dividend column

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Yes, definitely. Would be another filter / parameter. We can check that with the drop of the next 250 stocks. Add an extra flag to highlight new. Great idea with the dividend column (I would like to know too). Rather than all of us checking individually, if there is one place that says yes / no. I think i’ll add last updated time / date too.


@finki reckon your API would work with this?

Certainly would

(it’s data… how could it not?) :upside_down_face:


Definitely interested to see how this project develops. Would be nice to perhaps click on the stock and deep dive further. Depends what APIs are available for that…and limits for a freebie.

@Marky Is the project on GitHub? Happy to throw in a bit of work (depending on language) to help make this better :slight_smile:

What does your API do @finki?

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Commercial aspect to it is the automated collection and data extraction from regulatory documents mandated by the MiFID and PRIIPs regimes. That mostly equates to KIDs/KIIDs/EMTs. That’s very much aimed at asset managers and/or brokers looking to ensure they serve the latest and correct documents pre-sale to their client (you’d be surprised how many (ie. LOTS) are not) or want to QA their distributors to isolate where their data is not getting through to the end clients. Nothing really to see on the website as it’s super secret :zipper_mouth_face:

That’s the dull side. :man_shrugging:

The fun side :slightly_smiling_face: is the free/hacked-together/locked-down project the finkiAPI that simply helps newbie investors get access to key data surrounding their share holdings. Dividend data (ex, yields etc.), charges, prices etc…etc… and dump them straight into G Sheets or Excel. No parsing (unless you want to), no need to understand what the hell JSON is (unless you want to).

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Love Jason. Great bloke :laughing:


@DrJonBear not on GitHub, I can throw it up there, let me check with freetrade first. I don’t want it to conflict with any of their plans :slight_smile: Built with a mix of HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Imported libraries. What’s your preferred stack?

Mostly backend/PHP. My JS is rusty but functional, but never used Node

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A few updates / Added new features:

  • Testing out a toggle on row option (You’ll be able to see that on 3i Stock - highlighted blue). Gives you a link to the costs & charges of having that stock. Also price link via google finance (not sure if that is any good…). Will try a few options and figure which is a good option and apply to all 611.

  • Layout changes / Updates - bigger search bar now. Content sitting better.

  • Added in live prices for 3M / AbbVie (refreshing every 5 seconds). Probably not scalable doing it this way, but seeing something dynamic is :smile:


I’ll look at getting some data and plotting some live graphs (stock prices). Maybe look at creating dynamic individual pages for each stock. Do some research on how to extract dividend dates. I’d also like to see a link to a company annual report.

As always any thoughts / feedback, welcome :smiley:

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This is fantastic to see. R.e. GitHub just email me (ian@) and we can have a look.


Reckon they’ll ever be a way to sort by Market Cap?

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Impressive stuff @Marky

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I don’t see that being a problem if you can pull the data needed. Share price x outstanding shares then sort. I’ll have a look and see if that data is available.

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I’m lovin the jQuery sortable table… I have now stolen (ahem, sorry, I mean ‘borrowed’) that for my dividend data tables from now on… :grimacing:

Someone has been looking under the hood :joy: Great to hear! I love learning from others. You should also check out alternatives like Lighter and more customisable.

I also started looking at creating my own API ( Also searching what is currently available on the market (Alpha Vantage / Yahoo Finance / Alpaca Trading). Some interesting choices / business models. might hook you up with a free key. Alpha vantage are good but their data modelling is really weird.

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Updated June Dividend data.

Clearly inspired by @Marky. Thanks, man. :wink:


@finki looks awesome :sunglasses: I would add google analytics / alternative in if you haven’t already. Make adjustments based on the type of devices / browsers used to access your website.

I updated with the new 250 stock drop today :partying_face:

Although the additions look like 253. 250 US and three others Shin Nippon plc / Charter Comms / MelodyVR

If there was 611 before and 253 new today = 864. However, the updated list is only showing 857. Meaning (I think), 7 from the 611 have been dropped. I will fish through that tomorrow to confirm.

@jbowen if you type in * it will show you all the new stock. Although i’ve set it to default to show up first :wink: