Improve Freetrade universe spreadsheet

Dear Freetrade,

Can you please improve freetrade universe spreadsheet that can be found here: Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy? At least until we get searchable web based engine (like this community driven one: Freetrade Universe - Web) or app improvements?

It is so hard to find useful stock information in the app (see other requests I rasied, eg, Better search and filter for etf, Improve stock discovery - #3 by fzymek)

It would be great to at least have sector information, stock type information (stock, etf …), stock market info(LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ…) with possibility to sort and filter?

This is probably something easy for you to do but would provide great simplification to investing and doing research on stocks

do you have a link?

ah, sure. Forgot to link: Freetrade Universe - Web


Let me update it with the new stock drop. Been busy at work :crazy_face: Apologies

thanks :slight_smile:

I agree it would be useful to have a richer universe spreadsheet. I would love to see a date_added column where each row would specify the date each stock was added to freetrade. This would allow us to query the spreadsheet specifically for most recent batches of stocks. Also a sector column.


fnery suggestions would be awesome.

Just looking through the spreadsheet now. @Viktor are all the new stocks included in the spreadsheet? Before the latest drop it was 964 and the addition of 100 new would be 1064. I only see 1000, maybe due to the Big Query having the 1000 limit in the parameters (attached screenshot).Or maybe i’m doing something wrong :face_with_monocle:

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You’re doing everything right. :+1: It’s that 1,000 LIMIT indeed. We’ll change it. Thanks!

Edit: fixed.

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 2.33.33 PM

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