Improvements to the Freetrade Universe Spreadsheet

Hi All,

Are there any plans to improve the filters available within the Freetrade Universe Spreadsheet?

For example, I can see much value added to this if we are able to see when each was added, and to be able to filter between Stocks and ETFs (much in the same way as we can within the ‘Discover’ tab in the app).

Look forward to your thoughts, many thanks!

Check out @Marky’s web version: Freetrade Universe


Just updated with the latest drop of new stocks / ETFs. Type * in the search box to bring up the new ones just dropped. I have the dates of the batches of previous stocks released. Could retrospectively add them in…

Bottom of the page should show last updated 28th June & 1187 entries in the table, if not refresh page :slight_smile:

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