Freetrade universe google sheet out of date?

It seems to me that the latest batch of ETFs that were recently added to Freetrade haven’t been added to the Freetrade Universe google sheet available here.

Specifically I was looking for £AGBP and £GSPX.

Can anyone confirm? :pray:


Good shout. We’ve just refreshed it.


Hi again :wave:

The Freetrade Universe google sheet is out of date again. I was looking for nCino (added 5 days ago at the time of writing).

I’m not sure how many people regularly use this spreadsheet but over time I built my own fairly complex google sheet to track stocks more efficiently than on the app and I read tickers programatically from the Freetrade Universe google sheet so my workflow currently assumes an up-to-date Freetrade Universe google sheet. @Viktor, do you guys think you’ll be maintaining the Freetrade Universe google sheet (e.g. updating whenever new stocks drop, be it regular batches or recently added IPOs that may not be added as part of the regular batches)? It would be great to have this kept up-to-date, at least until we have the Freetrade API :sunglasses:!

Thanks :pray:


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How many now?

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@timeinthemarket 1,457 securities at the latest count.

We’ve updated the sheet with all recent additions, thanks for letting us know, @fabio.

Seem them all below:

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