There's code keeping the Stock Universe spreadsheet up to date 👀

It’s pretty cool to see that the Stock Universe (the list of stocks & ETFs that Freetrade will allow users to invest in) is being kept up to date automatically -

I’m curious to hear more about how this process works? Is the spreadsheet connected to the same API (or database) that’s used to control which stocks & ETFs are available in the app?


Pretty much - it’s a neat API call through a Google Apps script written by @Mathias


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is this code still in place?
Is there a way of seeing when new stocks have been added?
The reason I ask is because the spreadsheet doesn’t have The Gym Group plc, but it is on the discover tab, where I am putting in an order. Looking through community, seems it was added in March, do I need to refresh my spreadsheet somehow?

Edit: same for Halma
Also, is Accenture not available, even though it was said it was added to stock universe? I’m just looking through the stock requests to see what has been added

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Sorry Yas, due to technical changes we’ve made to some of our APIs, this spreadsheet is indeed not updating anymore.

We do have an up-to-date spreadsheet we use internally though, I’ll look into making a public copy of it that will also update automatically.

I’ll post here when it’s done :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Mathias, looking forward to seeing it… Including any extra info that might be on it :wink:

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Hey @Yas, the stock universe spreadsheet is now up to date and will keep in sync with what’s available in the app :wink:

Same url as before:


Can you add a column for the exchange that each security is listed on? I’m looking for a way to look at all of the AIM stocks as there’s no stamp duty on them, so it’s more attractive to make shorter term trades.

Maybe this could be a feature to add into the app: list stocks from specific exchanges

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I know it’s not what you’re looking for but you can achieve the desired result with the finki ‘ukIndex’ function.


By referencing the ISIN you can return which stocks in the FT universe are on AIM, FTSE100, etc.etc…

Looks like I’d have to go through one at a time?

Nah, you’d be there for days!

It’s designed to work with Excel or Google Sheets

Something like this…

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Cool, dude. Will have to check it out on laptop

Is this still the case? If so, does anyone know what the lag time is (from the securities being available in app, to being visible on the sheet)?

@Aiden The code updates the sheet daily, around 4 AM.

So, the new stocks coming from the big drive (2x more UK stocks, 10x more US stocks) will appear the next day at 4 AM.

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Perfect, thanks for clarifying Viktor!

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The free share eligible shares tab prices seem wrong for a few of them.
GBP Vs GBp (i.e quote divisible by 100 or not) otherwise I would have bought UK Gilts for 14p
Also, using “0.82” as the FX rate? I guess the value is approximate anyway.

Is that tab correct in showing shares under £1, meaning those are also eligible, what’s the likelihood of getting them?

Indeed, we’ve updated the header for that column to say “Approximate Value”. Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll fix the GBP vs GBX issue, and find a better way for the exchange rate calculation. Thanks for kicking the tyres, and for feeding back on it.

It’s been zero likelihood so far, but we plan to test them as well as super valuable shares (such as Amazon).

@Yas This is all fixed now, see the “Free Share eligible shares” tab:

Let us know if you spot anything though!

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Booking and Amazon are eligible shares? :open_mouth:

Also, would it be possible to have a tab with more recent shares added? Maybe something like “Added this month”

We’ll be testing their impact as eligible shares indeed.

That’s on your app already. :slight_smile:

That jump from BlackRock to Alphabet :hugs: :crossed_fingers: :moneybag: