Freetrade Universe Spreadsheet reliability concerns

Hi :freetrade: team

The universe sheet is currently broken and has been like this for at least 1 hour:

Not the first time I stumble upon this (e.g. link).

If I was new to freetrade and was browsing the website to look at the stock offering, running into something like this would be a bit of a turn off.

Also, I’m constantly importing data from the sheet for my own portfolio tracker/stock screener so anytime the spreadsheet is broken everything stops working.

As a big :freetrade: fan and investor in the last round, can I ask why this happens and what could be done to ensure occurrences like these are minimised? I understand it may take some time to update the sheet after new stocks are added, but these or any other updates should be happening in the background to ensure the spreadsheet is reliably available to everyone.



I see this went largely unnoticed :disappointed:

Well, right now the universe sheet is completely empty :roll_eyes:. Apologies for continuing to harp about this but this pretty annoying…

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Looks like it was down due to another big influx of stocks. Would perhaps be best to add a note on the webpage during that process for anyone new to FT.