Monster batch: 500 new stocks are here 🐲 15th OCTOBER 2020

Fantastic batch really pleased with all the popular AIM stocks. :grimacing:great stuff FT. :pray:my wish list DDDD,POW,VAST,ODX to name but a few.


I hope there will be monster etf batch some time soon :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


For sure, we’re lining it up.


Not sure the blurb was finished Sam - it’s ? :grinning:! #ARCM


Eek! Fixed it, thanks @Pazza.

Now that really was monstrous :dragon_face:

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Just a suggestion - when these threads are created for new stock/ETF additions, please can the date be put in the Topic name? When I browse the forum it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s an ongoing conversation from a previous batch, or if this is a new batch of additions. For example, the ‘450 brand new stocks’ thread was higher than this one - if it was ‘450 brand new stocks 07/10/20’ and this one was ‘Monster Batch 15/10/20’, it would be easier to understand. :slight_smile:


Would also be helpful to add the date added to the listing spreadsheet that is updated after each new batch. Helps with filtering.

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Rockfire Resources is described as Oil & Gas when it’s Gold & Copper

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@sampoullain Great that you adding new stocks but it feels like I sound like a broken record and lack of improvement here is really frustrating. I understand this is probably not on top of list but can you please fix/update your spreadsheets? They are outdated on weekly basis (well at least when you add stocks).
As eg. KDP recently moved from NYSE to NASDAQ but it is not reflected ;(

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Whoop! Thank you!

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Yep @fzymek not the first time me and you ask for updates to the spreadsheet. Maintenance of it probably not the highest priority (though note it is directly accessible from the freetrade homepage :roll_eyes:). Sometimes it’s not accessible at all (see here) but when we do mention this the :freetrade: team do fix it promptly.

Not sure if :freetrade: are planning on maintaining this long-term of if a better system will be put in place…

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Thanks, Gaz, good idea — we’ll do this from this week going forward, and go back and edit some others.


Thanks Sam

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@sampoullain how are plus stocks decide, just had a notification to say one of my holdings will no longer be available to me

We are planning for the free universe to include all stocks in the:

  • FTSE 350
  • FTSE AIM 100
  • MSCI US Prime Market (the 750 largest companies listed on major US exchanges)
  • IPOs, SPACs, and other highly-requested large cap companies
  • iShares, Vanguard, and Invesco ETFs

The Plus universe will include all stocks in the free plan, plus all stocks from the:

  • FTSE All-Share
  • FTSE AIM All-Share
  • S&P SmallCap 600
  • Plus any other highly requested small and micro-cap stocks not included in these indices
  • All other available ETFs
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Here is the full universe on the free plan and in your Plus membership:

Explore the full list on the Stock List page.

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Are shares still being added? Starvest (sve) appears to be part of aim all share?

Yes, there are still some stocks to add, that for various reasons we’ve not been able to add yet.


Good to see lots of exciting small cap names in this batch!

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