Improve stock discovery

I love freetrade but one thing that I hate when looking for new investments is how I discover them.

There is very (I mean, very!) limited option to search for stocks, or to show them by category/sector.

What I miss is a comprehensive discoverability:

  • eg. when browsing a sector/filter only us stocks.
  • if I tap on a sector icon on a stock detail page, it would be good to open search page with stocks filtered by this sector etc.

This would feel more natural to navigate the app, make it easier to invest.

Hi Filip, we will add more filtering in future, and there are already several ways to discover stocks, including:

  1. Go to Discover, and ‘See all’ and then choose to filter by browse by region, stocks, or ETFs.

  1. Browse by Sector, on the Discover tab

Yes, I am aware of those options. What I miss is eg. in your example 1 I cannot easily browse by sector. In your example 2 I miss option to hide/show us stock only.

But I am glad that there will be advance filter options in future. Do you have any ETAs and more details about what will be added?

Nothing quite yet, but certainly in future, there are lots of things we could do!

Would be cool have to a ‘this weeks / months most popular’ tab, similar to the twitter one that is posted :blush:

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