[Feature Request 🔧] Improved search in Discover tab

When using Discover to search for stock it would be great if the search criteria were wider, it appears you need to know the exact stock name, e.g. if I type iShares it would be great if I could see all iShare offerings, instead all I see is only iShares S&P 500, but if I type ISF then I see iShares ftse 100.


Yes I agree and I noticed something similar with Vanguard and I think in both cases just putting iShares or Vanguard to the name ( or in some hidden field for search purposes* ) will fix it for now.

*To avoid breaking the intentional grouping of FTSE ETF’s and Dividends etc.


Filtering idea from another thread:


I was also thinking maybe there should be user defined collections e.g. MAGA or FAANG etc which when clicked on shows those securities with a performance graph.

Maybe even compared to your other collections etc.

Getting carried away now :joy:

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Sorry to double or triple post…

Regarding Search, so users tend to Search for a keyword, then Filter, and then Sort - well largely.

So maybe there should be one intelligent universal search to avoid cluttering up the UI with all sorts of Search boxes.

Not sure if it’s possible because there’s “shared public data” and “private user data” but thought it’s worth mentioning…


Stephen beat you to posting this idea :running_man: so I’ve moved the above discussion here, I hope that’s ok!

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:+1: yeah no worries.

I think all of these Search / Filter / Order ones should be merged into one item that’s perhaps called - Universal Search

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Tip: type “etf” in the search box on the Discover tab to see just the ETFs. Unsure if this has always been the case or if it’s new. Either way it’s good.


Search modifiers too.

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Price filter would be good, so you can see those super cheap buys

<£1 etc


And Saved Searches so we can avoid re-typing those queries


I think others have alluded to this but just wanted to call it out explicitly, as part of the search I would like it to pick out text from the description too, maybe this could be toggled in an advanced search function (it feels like one will be needed after all these suggestions for the search anyways!)

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Also, when scrolling through the stock list it would be good if the bar on the right hand side could pop up which allows to scroll by letter. I think this is fairly common in apps so hopefully not hard to implement.


Hi this is only my second post so please go easy on me🙂
I am a newbie investor with absolutely no experience and very little understanding but have been dying to use freetrade since I first came across the app on crowdcube. Luckily I have been using the app for a few days and made my first two investments🎉 so far I am absolutely loving the ease of use the app offers though like many have mentioned before I wish the funds would arrive in my account a little quicker as I missed out on trading the first day that I signed up.

I just wanted to add to the watch list request. The only other app I have used is Dabbl. I never actually made a trade as I was waiting for freetrade however I have explored dabble quite a lot and I really like a few things about the app layout that would be great in freetrade:

When you add a stock to a watchlist in dabbl it shows you how much it has gone up or down since you added the stock to your watch list.

I like the idea of companies being put into catorgories
When searching

I like the idea of being able to see a stocks performance the previous day right back to the previous year.

Thank you Freetrade for giving novices like me a platform and a community to help us realise our aspirations to become investors.



Love the idea of saving info about a watched/favourited stock, I am a newbie investor too so probably a bit more hesitant than most. The ability to favourite stocks then watch and ‘play’ a little would really ease someone like me into the app.

That being said I have been stalking freetrade for about 9 months now and peppering this amazing community with questions for most of that time, so it hasn’t felt so scary!


I just came here to post this request as well. Would be great if the Discover scroller worked like in the contacts app and let you snap by app - especially as this list gets longer and longer!

That sounds cool, could you post a screenshot of what that looks like?

Just this section on the right where it snaps the current view to the selected letter.


Hi Freetrade,

Sorry if you have answered this before.
I think it would be really helpful if you can select stocks from same category in order to have a guide for the industry. ex. selecting all banks in one graph will show you the total situation in the sector.



It should have a lot more categories, perhaps a “plus only”, “penny stocks”, etc.