More than ticker search


I’m Android user and waiting…
There are few things I would like Freetrade app to have.
I often struggle to find what to trade based on some themes.

Like suggestions of instruments based on my intent.
For example, I say I want to buy Gold/oil/some specific commodity, then I should get a list of stocks, etfs index with their trading costs.

At the start, the stock universe might be small but my guess is it would grow with time.

Current spreadsheet has good info and it is a good start.



Assuming that the spreadsheet description is the exact one that will appear in the App, I would have thought the search will cover tickers and company names to start with - that is a must have. But taking “Description” into account when searching would be really handy too.

For example, if I search “Real Estate”, I would be glad if IUKP came up as this is the exact phrasing used in its description (see cell C53). Or ABF coming up if I am a big fan of Primark and typed it in the search (see cell C3).

@littlefinger, referring to your example, by typing “Gold” you can see there are 4 related securities offered by Freetrade as of Day 1 (whether an ETF or an actual stock) - would be great to check them all by simply typing what you were looking for without indicating an exact ticker or an ETF/Stock name.

Any thoughts?


Completely agree good search is a top usability feature. We’re working on making our search as intuitive and flexible as possible. It won’t just work off the data you can see in the public spreadsheet.


Similar to @Vlad ‘s point, you could search for ‘bank’ and the following could come up:

Lloyds Banking Group
Royal Bank of Scotland

Then below in a different colour font companies which are related by industry/theme but without bank in the title:
Lloyds TSB
Barclays PLC


Now @Vlad said that, I think beyond searchable ETFs, I would like to be able to search for private companies that public companies have invested in, I appreciate this isn’t always possible but being able to type Uber or SpaceX and seeing Alphabet or similarly being able to type Deliveroo and seeing JustEat or something similar would be really cool.

Plus imagine in the future if Stripe IPOs and being able to type Monzo and seeing Stripe holds x%

Could be a interesting side project :nerd_face:


I guess that’s potentially possible via the Crunchbase API?