Searching for stocks by keyword

I’m not too sure how the search facility works on the app but some keywords do not bring back stocks I’d have expected it to.

Anyone know how the search works and if its searching via the text in the company profiles?

And once I have a list of companies, would be good to filter them by UK, US and ETF’s etc.

Freetrade is great for low-cost buying and selling of stocks, but don’t bother trying to use it for research about what to buy. As far as I can tell, the text search appears to look only at the ticker symbol and company name, and the information available about companies in the app is minimal. Better to use websites like,,,, or others to get more detailed information about the companies you are considering.


I use Stockopedia but again, discoverability on there is even tougher unless you’re screening via fundamentals.

An example is “ventilation systems” as this is an area I want exposure to but all the convention sites have categorised these companies under stuff I wouldn’t know to look under.

I’d much rather do a search for ‘ventilation systems’ and then see a list. Freetrade is almost there.

I use this list then to look on Stockopedia.

Hope this makes sense.

The one I was looking for on Freetrade today was “digital marketing”.

Returned some companies but was expecting to see Worrell’s company S4 capital in the list but its wasn’t there.

Did you try and search S4 then? :joy: It is there :+1:

LOL! Yep it’s available to trade on FT hence why I expected it to be there. :grinning:

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The closest thing to what you want that I can think of is Screener - Untitled - Simply Wall St, which has a more fine-grained ‘industry’ screener than the usual 11 broad sector classification system that most company information websites use, but it’s still quite a way off from what you are looking for. I don’t know of any website that has compiled the sorts of company profiles that would be needed to allow you to search in the way you’re thinking of. Possibly a market niche for someone to develop, but it’d be a huge amount of manual work to put it together and keep it up to date!