What is the best live stock app that you use?

Hi just wanted to know how you guys are following the market live as I am after the best app or web site


Yahoo finance for me

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I have a spread betting account with IG, their live charts are very good, you might be able to access their charting package without risking money by opening a demo account :wink:

I tend to use www.hl.co.uk and uk.investing.com . I highly recommend these two. Specifically the latter. It may look a bit overwhelming at first site but it offers some great information.

During the day I alternate among:

  1. Yahoo finance; the portfolio feature is nice to track your profit/loss
  2. WeBull; very good for portfolio performance, portfolio graph vs indexes, dividends you got over time. Also it takes into account when you sell for a profit or a loss! Very nice interface as well.