WeBull to close UK market info 30/4/20

Did anyone else spot the ticker info on WeBull today?? They will stop showing market data for London Stock Exchange from 30th April. :frowning:

Such a shame as it was a great app!

Does anyone have another app that enables notifications/triggers based on value or % change?


What? No way! Did they say why?

I like how they gave exactly 0 days notice too :slightly_smiling_face:

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There was a message in app yesterday if that changes anything xD anyone knows similar app to use instead WeBull?

Ah right, I only use the desktop app, didn’t get a message in there :cry:

I will also be looking for alternatives

I know right, it was my go-to app :(.

I know use Yahoo Finance which is pretty good to be honest.

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I have been trying to upload my CSV to yahoo finance, it complains that it’s in the wrong format, but gives absolutely no information about which columns it is expecting. I have spent the morning trying to guess what the column names, data formats etc are but I really cant be bothered anymore. I’ll stick to google sheets for now.

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also pretty happy with Yahoo finance… apart for the fact it doesnt do price notifications for UK listings (only US)

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I’ve not done it myself, but Yahoo says the import and export CSV format is the same so you can export a portfolio in Yahoo Finance to understand the columns required to import…

it does say that, but it exports literally everything, volume, 52 week high/low etc which seems kind of irrelevant for importing a portfolio. If I were to through and collect all the data to populate those columns too, then it makes yahoo finance kinda pointless (since that’s the information I would want to get from it).


I managed to import using just the Symbol,Trade Date, Purchase Price and Quantity columns…

Hmm, are all your holdings in one currency?

I only imported LSE stocks. I can imagine it’s a bit faffy to have a mixed currency portfolio as Yahoo associates currency with the actual portfolio.

I can’t even get those to work, have used pandas to re-format all the dates to US, re-format the tickers to yahoos style, renamed all the columns to what you suggested, removed the others, nothing. thanks for the pointers all the same :smiley:

Ive currently moved to the CNBC app which has live data. Liked Webull though.

This works for me…

Symbol Trade Date Purchase Price Quantity
LLOY.L 20190524 58.55 1697
INXG.L 20190531 1,941.81 39
USDV.L 20190603 4,191.80 8
INXG.L 20190603 1,905.62 31
DGE.L 20190603 3,353.00 1

ahh it must be the ridiculous date format they use, I’ll try again with that, thanks.

you might need to remove commas from the purchase price column…

I think it was the dates after all, got it working with this, just got to convert the USD ones and I should be good. Thanks again for the help :smiley:

It does seem to completely ignore that I set the portfolio currency to GBP and has kindly decided to represent everything in dollars (without converting it) :laughing:

It also doesn’t seem to know the difference between GBP and GBX, I’m now over 12000% up, which is nice

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I’m also frustrated by WeBull pulling LSE - so looking for a new platform. Im finding Yahoo so full of banners and advertisments its anoying to look at.

Anyone found a good alternative to WeBull yet?


investing.com is quite good too with live prices.

decent app too

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