Portfolio Tracking Apps

At the moment, I am using the Freetrade app for execution only on my phone.

Are there any portfolio tracking apps out there you recommend please?

I have the first hit on Google here but my main concern is privacy. I don’t want them to snoop around the holdings and sell that information to someone else.

I hope Freetrade respects this privacy on the holdings. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Portfolio-tracking apps

The site you linked seems to cover them well.

I use MorningStar, since I like their chart layout a bit better than Yahoo Finance, plus they seem to have a bit more ‘grown up’ look and information compared to YF.

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I recommend
My Stocks Portfolio https://peeksoft.co/apps/mystocks

You can review their privacy policy :
"Peeksoft does not share sensitive data about you with third parties without your consent (such as financial portfolios or personally identifiable data). "

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Dividendmax is good to know what your upcoming dividends will be.

Trouble is the expensive subscriptions which these companies charge.

Time you’ve signed up to seeking alpha, stockopedia, investopedia, simply wall street, genuine impact, dividendmax and the plethora of others you will be skint.


I use this, it’s great. Just waiting for freetrade to implement downloading transaction history so I can python convert it into the correct format that this uses, then will never have to manually enter all the information again.


I’ll have to politely ask you for that script once we have CSV downloads ready

I just use yahoo finance to track daily portfolio movement and live stock prices

Another vote for Yahoo Finance.

My main concern is privacy.

I understand in the grand scheme of things, my portfolio is just crumbs on the side of an afternoon feast that will be swept under the rug.

But the retail holdings when among millions of customers is big data, isn’t it? Maybe I am just concerned about nothing. I don’t really know how market manipulators work anyways. :slight_smile:

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Can you just sign up to yahoo with a fake email address and put in a fake name and date of birth?

As much as I love FT I’m still annoyed after allll this time it still has the most useless graph on the main portfolio home page when you open the app. In my whole time of using FT that graph has not once been of use to me in tracking my portfolio and just looks ugly when I open the app. Anyone who does regular deposits or withdraws a large sum just has their graph ridiculously skewed creating huge jumps making it impossible to assess proper portfolio/investment growth. I really don’t understand why the team haven’t resolved this long ago, all it needs is a graph that tracks your profit/loss yet we’ve been stuck with a useless graph for our main home screen this whole time.

This is honestly my biggest issue with the app while it seems small the UX is important as this is the first thing we see opening the app. I would like to be able to use FT for all my portfolio tracking but when the main graph they choose to display to us is useless it’s very irritating.


It’s not able about linking The portfolio to me J.

It’s about the portfolio in itself that

  • The combination of stocks
  • The diversification
  • Risk appetite of certain stock holders

Loads of information can be gleaned of a portfolio without ever linking it to an individual.

You’re worried about making what is effectively a fantasy portfolio on Yahoo Finance? Really?

I think you’re worrying over nothing. I doubt yahoo or google can sell much info on you when it’s surrounding stocks you may or may not have a stake in (as they have no proof you actually own any of it)

Like @BOOM said, it’s just a fantasy portfolio.

Unhealthy. Anxiety is. Loads I have. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Thanks :blush:

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I’m surprised no one is using a fancy spreadsheet?

I have my own excel spreadsheet I only update it monthly to see my monthly/overall performance though, so I use other things for monitoring daily performance.

I also use my spreadsheet to see my sector diversification where I can breakdown my Trusts/ETF’s into their sector distribution % and reflect that in how my whole portfolio is split up as a whole. It’s quite handy as FT doesn’t do this it just lists it as Cash/ETFs/Trusts which isn’t very helpful when they all have various different sector focuses. Would like for FT to do what I do in my spreadsheet, the info is openly available for all trusts/funds I’m sure they could import it to their systems somehow.


Seeking Alpha is pretty good; but mostly my own spreadsheet.

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The PortfolioTrader app is excellent!!

  • multipolar portfolios
  • notifications
  • all markets
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