Stock Tracking Apps

Does anyone know any good stock tracking apps for Mac? I’ve been using Stockfolio but it does seem a little buggy and for some reason I can’t add BT.A to my portfolio. There are a few apps out there but most seem to be US centric with only daily updates on UK stocks.

I use app/website to monitor watchlist and portfolio.

I also use ADVFN free account (website registration and then download the app). Probably the best for live prices I think.

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Thanks Prits9, I’ll have a play.

I use for real-time price, watchlist, for any extra info on the company and seeing what others think in the ideas section.

They released a beta Mac app also and I use that which can be a bit buggy (for now) or the web browser (use mainly). Hope that helps.

Trading view is great for tracking the price. I pay Pro so I can have the extra features that most don’t actually need. Use watch lists to monitor specific shares you own.

I track trades and my holdings in Google Sheets. It can pull the real time stock price using the Google finance formula. Helps to track cost per share including fees so it’s easy to see your break even point.

A free Android and ios app called ‘My Stock Portfolio’ would work just as good.

I’m using an App called Delta, which enables me to set up multiple portfolios across stock, crypto and funds. Data is in real-time and you can add US stocks for example in GBP or USD to keep it easy to understand.

Presumably Delta pro as that’s real time across a number of exchanges?

Nasdaq and NYSE are real time on non-pro but so are every other app including Yahoo, iOS stock app, Google etc.

There is already a thread about this here which might be helpful:

Many thanks to everyone, if I can’t find one amongst all of these then there’s no hope. Much appreciated.

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