Simply wall street

Just wanted to check has anyone of you paid for simply wall street investor subscription? worth it?

I did the free trial for 14 days and it was great. I let it slip back to the basic version after the 14 days were complete. On the basic, you’re limited to 10 stocks to review per month which means you can’t go crazy, but I’m not sure i need the full version.

I’ve had it since December. It was in a deal for a year at the time. I’ve found it pretty useful for analysing companies with a high level overview of all their stats.

What’s lacking is dividend alerts. I already have to manually enter any buys / sells from FT and really don’t want to have to do this in another program just for dividends. SWS has all the info, it just needs to setup some notification options.

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thanks. It would be great if freetrade also adds similar service.

I am using it at the moment and I just realized they have 10 free views a month seeing this post. I think I can live with 10 views a month because I don’t look up stocks that often. I use another app called Genuine Impact after seeing someone mentioned it here at the same time and I found it quite useful as well. It is free for 14 days and then you need to subscribe.

I bought it to on the deal before Christmas, I personally think it’s very good, lots of info, well thought out, engaging graphics. Gives you a start in the research process :+1:t2:

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Once you have finished your trial and deleted your account, you can sign up immediately with the same email addrss for a new free trial.

  • sign up with google
  • create portfolio or upload from CSV
  • use weeks free trial, dump portfolio to CSV
  • delete account
  • repeat forever

IMO it is absolutely not worth the fee, sure the UI is pretty, but all it really does is prevent you from having to look for information yourself, convenient, but not exactly ground breaking

I would say it is possible and very likely legal, but a bit unethical. If I keep using something I’d like to pay for it to support it. If I don’t find myself using it a lot, I just won’t bother bypassing the system and find loopholes.

I am also a bit surprised that they have not found this out and close the loopholes.

There are other ways to trick the system, so they probably chose not to care about this minority of tricksters. E.g.

If you want to feel tempted to freeride haha

haha thanks. As for simply wall st, they have 10 a month quota which is quite enough for me right now. So neither i am a paying user nor a trickster (yet)

I’d say charging £85 a year for some very naive calculations made of publicly available data (while dressing it up as some amazing life changing super algoritms) is unethical, no matter how pretty their react app is (there are half implemented features all over the place, buttons on the main UI leading to json errors etc) It’s kind of a mess tbh.

I’m more than happy to pay for a service I actually respect, but I find disingenuous and will loose no sleep over it :smiley:

I don’t think they can close the loop hole, at least not easily, especially in the EU.
GDPR strikes again.

Edit: just checked and It looks like they finally fixed the errors I mentioned. So I guess that’s something

I paid for simply wall street. Among available options, this looks decent to me and if you have decent size portfolio, fees may not bite too much into profit. Main thing for me is it gives initial view for company & its data. Saves some time.

Is this a decent research solution?

I’m looking around for options. I’ll make the most of the free trial, thank you for sharing!

Freetrade doesn’t really touch on the discovery side, which means it is hard for me to expand my portfolio scope. Any help is really useful.

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I use a mix of them. Simply wall st, Genuine Impact, Atom etc. No one is perfect, all are decent in their niche areas.

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I’ve been giving them all a play. Looks like a few posts in the forums about them as well. I’ll ask the individual questions there, thanks for sharing!