Portfolio Analytics

It would be great to have a feature where users can compare their performance against a benchmark index or fund e.g. SPY. Have metrics such as Sharpe Ratio. Include a Time weighted performance of the portfolio.

Example Portfolio Comparison against SPY

Example time weighted return

Hoping FreeTrade implements something like this to educate investors of their risk exposure and asset allocation.


Here is a starter for ten!

I love the Freetrade app and general approach, however the ability to track the performance of my portfolio is very limited. The current statistics available, such as gains/loss ‘since I started investing’ to individual stocks and the overall portfolio are of limited value. To illustrate I now have 25 stocks in my ISA and today the overall portfolio has fluctuated by more than £50 (loss). It is a real pain to try and track which stock(s) are moving.

I think Freetrade should commit to develop more fit for purpose metrics (Investor Tools) against stocks in GIA and ISA amongst others. I would be interested in the views of the community please

I could not agree more. Just been looking at my withdrawals and current value, the figure they give for current gain or loss is wrong… Even on money weighted… I’ve just don’t a manual calculation to work out my gains.