Stamp duty? what's what

Hi just throwing this out there but does anyone know the details of how stamp duty works?
Obviously not on US stocks
But some English stocks you get charged it, some you don’t.
Some stock buys I get charged it, on another day I don’t on the same stock. Both of those this month, January.
I remember Boris lifting stamp duty on shares early Into the pandemic though I don’t remember if it was on all of them.
I think I remember him putting it back but again don’t remember if that was on to all of them.
I’m sure there must be a set of ‘logical’ rules about this, I expect nothing less from Boris.
Does anyone know what they are?

I think AIM stocks are exempt from stamp duty.

On which stock did you pay it and then not pay it? Is it possible it moved out of or in to the market to/from AIM?


That’s only on non-electronic transactions. For online transactions stamp duty applies regardless of the size of the transaction.

Shares listed on the AIM segment can be exempt from stamp duty as long as they are not also listed on a recognised stock exchange.


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