Is the average share price right?


I’m a n00bie when it comes to this, and I’m terrible with maths. But the average share price seems a little off, is it just me?

I’ve invested in National Express, and today I looked at every trade I’ve made and done a rough calculation using a stock calculator. FT says I’ve made roughly £90 on £103 investment but when calculating everything separately it seems to suggest I’ve made about £140.

Now when I say I’m a bit of an idiot, it’s not an understatement. But that aside, am I talking out of my backside or have I got a valid question?


Hard to say without all the detail, did you also account for stamp duty?

Ah, no. No I didn’t. I can list all my purchases for N.E and share prices etc. I should probably have done that from the start aha. I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else had potential issues. Seen some other posts from last year about it.

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