Average price change in portfolio

Has anyone noticed a average price change in your portfolios. Mine have gone up on all stocks since either yesterday or this morning.

What do you mean? The portfolio value changes constantly.

Don’t know too much about the tech but perhaps a small change in the coding?

Example I bought the Restaurant Group at £1.3526, up until yesterday the average price per share was 1.35 shown in the portfolio now it shows £1.36. Same goes for all my other shares, a consequence of this is the gain has gone down. Another example I bought National Grid at £8.6570 but the average price now shows £8.70 this makes no sense as it should be £8.66 rounding up. Don’t know if it matters but I can’t be the only one.
If anyone else has noticed this please report it as the Freetrade team doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Oh I didn’t say changes constantly just once since yesterday.

I’ve just checked mine and there are some penny round up/down errors but nothing substantial.

You’re right nothing substantial but it nags me that’s just personal, I’m super correct. Thought i was imagining things but it’s good to know someone else can see it.

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Finally got confirmation. Stamp duty added


Makes sense.

My average price paid per share doesn’t include stamp duty or insta trade fees. I’m on Android latest version, maybe the latest update on iOS shows this?