Stamp duty Help

Greetings all,

Couple of days ago I topped up my Rio Tinto shares and was charged 0.99p stamp duty fee for this purchase.

A second purchase of shares on a new stock addition charged me 0.30p stamp duty for this purchase. Can anyone explain why I’ve been charged when last year I had no such charges.

I’m extremely disappointed with the service from freetrade,I’ve had one automated message and no other message in 24 hours.


RIO is a main market stock and so subject to stamp duty. You will (and should) be charged stamp duty on all buys of this stock. Are you saying you weren’t charged any stamp duty on RIO last year?

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UK stocks (not AIM) are subject to stamp duty. It’s a tax and has nothing to do with freetrade. You could have googled that it depends on the value of your transaction, that’s why it differs between transactions.

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Thanks for your reply’s, apologies for troubling you all.

It’s no problem

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