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Hey, just wanted to share my freetrade progress over the last 3 months. All comments, feedback welcome! :slight_smile:

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Episode 2 - Dollar Cost Averaging Demo

Episode 3 - Dividend Payers, US Stocks

Episode 4 - 10% ROI & 7 Dividend Payments

Episode 5 - 50% loss in profits

Episode 6 - First 2 US stocks and 1 new UK stock added

Episode 7 - 40% return in profits, Sold Stock, Dividend not paid :sleepy:

Episode 8 - 25% from 1 stock, 2 NEW ETF’s

Episode 9 - Dividends, Withholding Tax, Inflation

Episode 10- Trump, Tariffs, China, Stocks Falling

Episode 11 - Movers, Fallers, Crypto, & Dividends

Episode 12 - 3 New Stocks, £100 Dividend, + LOTS More

Episode 13 - Back in profit, 29% Centamin, Facebook, L&G + More

Episode 14 - 3 New Stocks, 1 Stock Sold, Performance Up

Episode 15 - £70 Dividend, 5% Return, Earnings, Free Share + More

Episode 16 - Worst Performers, Share Buyback, FB, Snap + More

Episode 17 - 17% growth in 3 stocks, 40% increase in profits, Boris Johnson

Episode 18 - Lost £753 in 2 days, £17 Dividend, Trump, £ Down, Earnings, Ex Div Aug

Episode 19 - 1 Stock up 40%, Recession, Dividend Payments, £500 Round + more

Episode 20 - Down Everywhere, My Recession Investment Strategy, New buys + more

Episode 21 - ISA Transfer Issue, New Stocks & ETF’s, Italy & Trade War

Episode 22 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, PPI, India :india:, EM, New Stocks, + More

Episode 23 - £157 in Dividends, 4 New Stocks Added, 10000 Jobs lost

Episode 24 - £624 ($780) Up 5 days, 3.8% performance, My Strategy, ECB + More

Episode 25 - SOLD 1 Stock, 2 Dividend Payments & Performance on Freetrade + More

Episode 26 - 6 dividends, (- £243), US Stocks Down, Warren Buffet Strategy

Episode 27 - 3 Dividends (£157), Down £585, US Economy, Recession, Bitcoin

Episode 28 - £800 Up This Week, 1 Dividend, No Recession, Selling Stocks

Episode 29 - £75 Dividends, October, Brexit, Trade War, Selling More Stocks

Episode 30 - £100 Up, Earnings, Tesla, Banks, Brexit, Recession Next Week??

Episode 31 - $2300 Profit, Sold 2 Stocks, 2020 Strategy, Growth Stocks

Episode 32 - RANT! £95 dividends, $5128 Profit, UK Avoiding Recession!

Episode 33 - Keep Calm & Invest, Drop in REITS, Vodafone, 2020 Vision

Episode 34 - Freetrade ISA Fee, 1 Dividend, Robinhood, REITS vs Buy To Let

Episode 35 - Freetrade Gain/loss, Virgin Money, My Last Investment

Episode 36 - End of Year, Shopify, Centamin, Wealth Inequality, 2020 Vision

Episode 37 - £1268 Gains in a day, Up 5%, Top Performers, 2020 Vision

Episode 38 - Bought 3 New Stocks, 2020 Dividend Planning, Andrew Bailey

Episode 39 - Sold 2 Stocks, My Watchlist

Episode 40 - Top Performers, 2 Dividends, 3pm Basic Orders, WW3, Defensive Stocks

Episode 41 - Top Performers, 1 Dividends, Warren Buffett, Debt, Don’t Get Cocky

Episode 42 - Google, FAANG, Shopify, Top Performers, UK Banks + More

Episode 43 - CoronaVirus, Menthol Ban, Top Performers + More

Episode 44 - Bought 2 Stocks, Sold 2 Stocks, Coronavirus, Earnings, Brexit + More

Episode 45 - 1 Dividend Payment, Freetrade 250, Managing Your Money!

Episode 46 - 1 Dividend Payment, Best Time To Invest, Tech Bubble 2.0?

Episode 47 - Coronavirus Crash, My Plan To Invest, 1 Dividend

Episode 48 - Down £4300, 1 Dividend, Buy? Sell?? Hold??? My stocks

Episode 49 - My Last Investment, ISA done, Sold 1 Stock + More

Episode 50 - Market Plummeting, Sector Allocation, Price Targets, Cash

Episode 51 - Markets Crash, Oil Price War, In The Red + Much More

Episode 52 - Recession Opportunities, Addressing Stupid Comments & DMs

Episode 53 - REITs in Crisis? Lessons, Disney Stock To Watch + More

Episode 54 - 4 Dividend Payments, Dividend Cuts, New Tax Year

Episode 55 - 20K Tax Year, QE, Being more Strategic and Patient

Episode 56 - Market Bubble? China Recession Coming?

Episode 57 - Got 100% Return in One Stock - What To Do?

Episode 58 - Average Down & Trade War

Episode 59 - Dividends Disappearing & UK Stocks are DEAD!

Episode 60 - 2 Dividends & UK Heading To Recession

Episode 61 - Whats on your watchlist? Spotify & Joe Rogan

Episode 62 - UK Banks Up, Global Stocks Volatile &… TRUMP

Episode 63 - BLM, Largest Dividend, Sold 2 Stocks

Episode 64 - Took A Punt on A stock

Episode 65 - 200% return, 1 dividend payment, pound down

Episode 66 - £500 Giveaway in July, Sold 1 Stocks

Episode 67 - Why I sold Shopify? UK Market on Rise?

Episode 68 - Rishi Sunak, UK Stocks, 1 Dividend Payment

Episode 69 - Did I Sell These Stocks Too Soon??

Episode 70 - End of Big Tech Rally?

Episode 71 - Bought A New Growth Stock

Episode 72 - UK Dividends Making A Comeback


Episode 74 - Doesn’t Look Promising For UK Stocks

Episode 75 - Apple & Tesla Share Prices Revealed

Episode 76 - Tech Bloodbath, Bought 5 Stocks, Sold 1 Stock

Episode 77 - The Saga Continues + 1 Dividend payment

Episode 78 - Tesla Battery Day, Sold Stock, 1 Dividend Payment

Episode 79 - Bought Amazon, Sold UK, 2 Dividends

Episode 80 - Bought Virgin Galactic, 1 Dividend, No ISA

Episode 81 - Prime Day & Internet Stocks

Episode 82 - Bought a New High Growth Stock

Episode 83 - Sold another UK Stock

Episode 84 - Making The Hard Decision

Episode 85 - Anything Green Get Fund


Really interesting video - I like your thinking regarding Lloyds and the housing investments! Have you looked at any of the US Stocks?

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Hey thanks for the feedback… much appreciated… I have actually. I’ve chosen 6 of the US stocks that meet the same criteria, as these… but I haven’t invested yet because it would mean putting much less into the UK stocks, it would also cost more in FX conversions which after 12 or so contributions a year would add up and also some aren’t allowed in the ISA. But when freetrade allow multiple accounts I will re-review and use the non-ISA to invest in them.

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Just to clarify, the majority (if not all) of Freetrade’s US stocks are eligible for ISA. The only requirement is for them to be represented in GBP rather than USD :slight_smile:


Yeah speaking to customer support they said some aren’t allowed. I need to check whether the ones I want are.

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Great market timing so far!

Just a note on Man Group - as you’re not directly investing in an actual fund but a company that runs a range of funds, the share price of EMG can be driven by lots of factors other than investment performance of their funds.


Haha yeah the timing has been fortunate… Thanks for the heads up regarding Man Group - makes more sense. I think that’s the highest candidate to swap out for another but I’ll give it 6 months to see a true trend.

Nice video, can you share what US Stocks you’ve been looking at?

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Have a look your Centamin this morning…(myself also :confounded:)

Hey thanks for the feedback… yes the US Stocks were: Allergan, AT&T, CVS, GE, Schlumberger and Verizon.

I’ve monitored the price I would’ve bought them at back when they launched on freetrade and the value now and only Verizon is up (23%) The others have fallen so I still think in the long term they’re a good buy.

But I will have to relook at then in detail before purchasing

Hope that helps :blush:

Not pretty haha, but I wouldn’t worry just yet.

Maybe it’s time to buy more??? :thinking:

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Totally agree… drops are where dollar cost averaging works… it just doesn’t when it rises.


Sterling is weak because of Brexit, once there is a Brexit Deal, Sterling will rise fast. This will burn anyone buying US stocks right now. Don’t buy US stocks till sterling rises, unless it is something truly speculative.

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There are virtually no signs of a Deal as yet and there is not guarantee sterling will not plunge even further in case of a chaotic Brexit.

I take your point that dollar can be perceived overvalued compared to the pound, but it is a speculation either way :wink:

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If there is no deal, we are going to 1.15. If I was a betting man (which I am since I do stocks), I would bet on some kind of a deal or delay in brexit before march 2019. That will push sterling up either way. US dollar won’t get stronger since the fed has stopped hiking, the BOE may hike once in 2019 making sterling stronger. I see sterling at 1.45 by the end of the year at least. It’s not a place to be buying US dollar stocks, unless it’s something speculative like Square. Though long term, it makes no difference, since holding a good stock for 10 years plus mitigates FX risk.


Just put ‘in my opinion’ on your posts as it looks like a 100% certainty the way you’re saying it

I can’t predict the future, it’s implied what I am saying is my opinion. I am just giving a list of most probable outcomes that will affect GBP/USD

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Hey, I posted 3 months into my free trade journey a few days ago - here’s the next video using the dollar cost averaging approach and my other thoughts towards investing.

Hope you enjoy :blush:

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Really enjoyed your last video, thank you for posting an update!