Canadian Stocks on TSX exchange

Are you able to trade stocks on the Canadian stock exchange?

I hold quite a lot of Lucara (TSX:LUC) stocks in my ISA and I am looking to transfer my ISA over to another broker. ii who I currently use are hiking their prices!


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We’re building our own investment platform at the moment which will enable us to add thousands more stocks, including Canadian stocks.

Our CEO Adam is Canadian so he’s particularly keen to see these stocks in the app :maple_leaf:


Thats great!
Thanks for such a quick reply.

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Very much looking forward to Canadian shares…especially while the exchange rate remains favourable for buying with GBP


This etf is on the LSE, could act as a good ‘in the meantime’


This could be an interesting addition when Canadian stocks are added.

Another :blush:

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This thread is from April 2019.

It’s been 3 years, yet still no TSX or TSX-V available?

I use II as my primary broker, but how on earth could I switch my ISA or SIPP when I’d have to dump half my portfolio?

Most of what I own is on the TSX or ASX, and neither seem anywhere close to being added on this platform.

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It’s now 2023…

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Its nearly 2024 - any News?


Also very keen to hear about this. Come on Adam…let’s get TSX on Freetrade!


I feel and share both your pain and frustration…

Especially as it’s now 2024!

May as well come and check every 10 years now.


At least you guys have some chat on the thread. I asked about ASX on a different thread and it’s a ghost town over there

Due to the makeup of the Canadian stock market it is considered to be a dividend paradise. I just made the last part up!
But for those interested in canda for dividends the only equity investment trust is middlefield (MCT).
From Freetrade today 5.07% dividend 13.5% discount
Canada Raised interest early is and expected to lower them earlier. The management company appears to agree 22% gearing!


Energy 32.58%
Real Estate 31.18%
Financial Services 21.79%
Utilities 19.93%
Technology 2.70%
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