Freetrade Investment ISA

Who is your stocks and shares ISA with ? :freetrade:

  • Freetrade Investment ISA
  • ISA with another Provider/s
  • Freetrade ISA + Other ISA
  • No ISA

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Those with ISA with other provider, where is your ISA?

I don’t know how to make a survey, but HL, AJ Bell, Interactive Broker, what are the main ones?

And why?

For me it is T212 and reason is that they have BDCs and REITS available there

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Vanguard as it only has vanguard life fund in it

My ISA is currently with Vanguard, but I’ll probably transfer to Freetrade.


This question is a bit of a misnomer. Asking people on the freetrade community if their isa is with freetrade the majority will say with freetrade. This creates biased results from the generalisation of the population of the UK.


I’m interested how many people on this forum have a Freetrade ISA.

Edit: Just to add I agree with what you say coolsmp!
Not intended to be a Freetrade vs The rest poll :blush:

My :freetrade: ISA is my third ISA - I also have ones with HL and AJ Bell.

Now that HL have removed their ISA transfer fees, I’m tempted to transfer to :freetrade: but have decided I’m quite happy having separate accounts, so that not all my investments are with one provider.


You can only pay into one per year, but you can open another one if you already have one that you haven’t added to in the current financial year. so It’s possible to have more than one

Yes, I am only paying into my :freetrade: ISA, I am not adding any new money to the ISAs with HL and AJ Bell this tax year.

Next tax year, I can choose to continue to invest in my :freetrade: ISA, or stop and start investing in one of the others again.

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I think you can have more than one isa. For example £15000 in a stocks and shares isa and £5000 in an ordinary isa. As long as you dont go over £20000

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My ‘other ISA’ is with Vanguard, this year’s one with Freetrade. Next tax year I’ll assess the market again and see who’s the best to go with, as I’d rather consolidate my investments to one platform.

As an Investor, I want it to be Freetrade, but as a consumer, I’ll go with who has the best offering regardless. I think it’s going to be an exciting 6 months with lots of new players coming to market, as well as increased competition from the existing brokers.


Nice flexible approach. I’m especially a fan of using multiple providers for anyone lucky enough to have £85,000 + in investments to keep safely within the FSCS per institution limits.

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You can have what you like in your ISAs, the restriction is on how much new cash you are able to add to them each year. You can only add £20,000 each year as things stand. Although you can have more than one ISA with different providers (eg a stocks and shares ISA wth freetrade and a cash ISA with your bank) you can only pay money into one of them each financial year.

  • ISA with FreeTrade
  • SIPP with IG Smart Portfolio (Looking to move it to FT once they have this feature)
  • Trading Accounts with Interactive Brokers and TradeStation

I think a Vanguard SIPP is available later this year Chris.
If you grow your portfolio to a large sum as I hope🤞🏽 we all do, it will be cheaper to hold vanguard ETF’s with Freetrade within an ISA. For a GIA a portfolio of Vanguard ETF’s is immediately cheaper to hold with Freetrade. I would guess a lot of people will have ISA’s with both and others in the future.

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I opened a Freetrade ISA a few days ago. Would ideally like to start moving more of my holdings from my other provider over but it’s a bit of a faff as they do charge fees for it. Also I really would like to see REITs available within the FT ISA before I do as the tax implications are very beneficial for holding REITs in an ISA

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What REIT’s do you invest in Kieran ?
I’m not well informed but I like Tritax Big Box. REIT’s seem to have nice dividend yields.

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Just British Land for the moment which was primarily a value play. They are selling at such a huge discount to net asset value as many have been recently pessimistic about the London real estate market but i certainly think there is a solid long term investment case there

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I have an S&S ISA with Nutmeg due to a promotional offer, but will be moving it over to FT as soon as I’m able to without losing out. I believe they have a transfer fee which sucks, but will still be better in the longer run!

I also have a LISA with Nutmeg which I’ll be keeping unless I can find a better provider. Would of course be awesome if FT offered it one day as Nutmeg’s fees are pretty high and I’d happily pay FT for both.