ISAs - What do you have?

Who has a Freetrade ISA, an ISA with another provider, or no ISA yet !

  • Freetrade ISA
  • ISA with another provider
  • No ISA

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It seems like the poll had a transcription error and doesn’t appear to be working. :grimacing:

All sorted :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened :blush:

Couldn’t vote yes to both the Freetrade ISA and other provider ISA options :slight_smile:


I’d vote Both if you had that option. Chose Freetrade option as you don’t.

If you have a Freetrade ISA you may have another ISA also as do I but the fact you have a Freetrade ISA now as well is the most important thing and surely must supersede having another ISA.

Is that my get out clause for creating a terrible poll ? :sweat_smile:


It makes perfect sense and your poll just got voted the best poll


I currently have a Nutmeg S&S ISA which I’m holding onto until I can withdraw my money without losing out on the promotion I’m eligible for. After that I’ll be switching my S&S ISA to Freetrade as it’s far cheaper than Nutmeg’s 0.75%/0.45%.

I do have a LISA with Nutmeg too which I will keeping until something better comes along.


Closed my Halifax investment ISA which was only a FTSE 100 tracker, switched to Freetrade so I can diversify my investment. Really enjoying doing all the research myself. It’s addictive!


Got a MoneyFarm s&s ISA, only returning to the pre-q3 2018 level now

I have S&S ISA with Moneyfarm and IFISA with Ratesetter. I still haven’t opened any ISA this year.

I don’t believe any of the above differs from that of the basic account - only difference is the tax implications ( no CGT / dividend tax for the ISA )