Genuine Impact App Stocks Available

Can I make a suggestion that Freetrade poach the Genuine Impact App engineer to speed up the process of getting more stocks on the Freetrade App OR maybe partner up with Genuine Impact they have millions of Stock Companies on there App

Genuine Impact isn’t a broker, it’s just an analysis service so isn’t really comparable.


I was more thinking that Freetrade could use there expertise to speed things up as it seems to be a very slow process adding stocks to the Freetrade platform. This has to be prioritised as they are losing potential customers every day.

Which is why they’re focusing their efforts on building the new investment platform to enable this

Just going a bit slow for my liking,with RobinHood and Revoult about to launch for shares.

Robinhood’s core revenue comes from something that is illegal in the UK (order routing). Revolut was about to launch in August 2018. Whoever starts rushing their product will probably end up with poor customer experience, which may ultimately lead to their customers finding other similar alternatives. I believe if Freetrade keeps it steady and consistent, with no shipping prior to sufficient testing, they will end up being more successful than others.


I agree that rushing would be silly. Can you please explain the process of adding a new stock listing to the Freetrade platform. Is it very time consuming?? Please give me a rough idea

Do not quote me, but in my understanding, the key issue with adding too many stocks at the moment is reliance on a third party provider and resulting expenses. Freetrade’s investment platform will (presumably) allow bypassing the middlemen and slashing most (if not all) related costs, thus leading to a significantly wider universe of available stocks. Source.

Hello you never really answered my question,can you tell me the process and the length of time it takes to add a stock to the Freetrade platform.

You’d need to wait for someone who works for Freetrade to see if they will answer. And it’s Saturday so probably not until Monday


I thought Nikon worked for them thank you

Vladislav I mean sorry

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