Canadian Stocks on TSX exchange

Are you able to trade stocks on the Canadian stock exchange?

I hold quite a lot of Lucara (TSX:LUC) stocks in my ISA and I am looking to transfer my ISA over to another broker. ii who I currently use are hiking their prices!


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We’re building our own investment platform at the moment which will enable us to add thousands more stocks, including Canadian stocks.

Our CEO Adam is Canadian so he’s particularly keen to see these stocks in the app :maple_leaf:


Thats great!
Thanks for such a quick reply.

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Very much looking forward to Canadian shares…especially while the exchange rate remains favourable for buying with GBP


Realistically, to add a selection of stocks & etf’s from the Toronto Stock Exchange, could that time frame be within 1-2 years from now? Is this 50-80% likely and realistic?


This etf is on the LSE, could act as a good ‘in the meantime’

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