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What would be good is if Freetrade was featured on say Moneysupermarket eg here:

Should easily beat any of those featured for value for money!


Weenie, we’ve reached out to a number of comparison sites, but never got included in their lists, somehow.

  •, for example, is entirely pay-to-play. None of those featured providers are purely editorial choices, i.e. non-paid listings.
  • The Monevator people emailed us back a few months ago, promised to “review” Freetrade, but never got back to us.

To be honest. we suspect comparison sites are a quite commercial niche in the UK. We’ll continue reaching out, and we’re thinking of giving a transparent update to the community about what response we get if any - if there’s interest.

Having transparency around comparison sites’ listings / choices is quite important in my opinion.


Youve got interest from me in hearing the responses you get back from comparison sites Viktor :grin:


Were they able to get an account? Perhaps prod them again now that there’s no waiting list.


Yes, and we prodded them sensibly, so it’s up to them now.

Not including Freetrade in their list, while they actually did a recent update to it, was a little confusing for us.

If anyone wants to reach out and advocate for including Freetrade, is the right address.

To be fair to the monevator guys, they do it for free as opposed to the comparison sites that do it for the commission/kick back. I read their blog every week and TA & TI do openly say they don’t always have time for the site. Spamming their email probably won’t help.


They do benefit by using referral links etc and they are very open about this. I enjoy their site, but they obviously get something other than a warm and fuzzy out of running it! :money_mouth_face:

They have an extensive reader base :face_with_monocle:, it would be good to see FT featured. A good site to be associated with as we move forward.

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I just had another look, and Freetrade is included in their table: Broker comparison: cheap investment platforms UK - Monevator
The only thing that’s out of date is that it says iOS only @Viktor


True, i meant more that the content they put out weekly isn’t behind a pay wall or anything. But yes, they do use paid referrals for amazon and certain brokers.

Looks like they literally added it today. Shame about the error.

Hah, looks like they updated after I commented about Freetrade not being listed.

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They won an award from the good money guide :boom:


Surpeised Freetrade did not get more than one. I have looked at all competitors in each category and neither had more comments and higher average rating than :freetrade: :thinking:


We were the only ones who weren’t in suits :alien:


Served Camden Town Brewery beer too, nice :beers:

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Should be a special award for that :sunglasses:


Why aren’t Freetrade included in this? :thinking:


I can see people have been tweeting at them, and I’ve emailed them with an example scenario saying how Freetrade would be the most cost effective option for an investor.


Boring Money haven’t included Freetrade but Holly does recommend Freetrade in this aritcle: