[Crowdfunding 🔨] Curve

What is the card in question?

Been using curve for about a year so might be able to advise somewhat.

Hi @szb, I’m sorry to hear about this. Could you please email support@imaginecurve.com to ensure this issue is sorted for you. Thanks

@herbsandspicy please could you confirm if Curve is eligible for EIS as there is no mention of this on the website?

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It isn’t I asked the question in their forum, would link you but I’m on my phone right now.

They’re too big now apparently to be eligible.

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Can confirm this is correct @Lewis @gl196.

@herbsandspicy have a bit of a niche question. I’m currently on the Curve Black plan for free (due to being a legacy member plus referring a load of people), I’m not overly interested in the Metal plan, but am worried if I put £1K in, I’d be upgraded to Metal for a year. Then afterwards not be let back on my free Black plan. Do you know if I’d be allowed back on it?

Also, I’d want to keep using my metal investor card, but people on the forum think I’d have to ditch it and use a plastic one again, seems a bit pointless forcing me to use a new card?

@Marsares - a couple of cofounders of Curve have left, one went to Monzo. What are your throughts?

And this is a classic - by Ben Horowitz (the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz VC firm):

(@Viktor would appreciate that kinda writing)

It turns out that almost all the great product-oriented founder/CEOs stay involved in the product throughout their careers. Bill Gates sat in every product review at Microsoft until he retired. Larry Ellison still runs the product strategy at Oracle. Steve Jobs famously weighed in on every important product direction at Apple. Mark Zuckerberg drives the product direction at Facebook. How do they do it without blowing their companies to bits?

Over the years, each one of them reduced their level of involvement in any individual set of product decisions, but maintained their essential involvement.

Raise over £3m in 20 minutes… I’m impressed. Didn’t expect that at a pre-money of £200m. Anyone invested?

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And all that without any financial info, pretty sure VC funds had that information when they invested.

Is this even in accordance with with Crowdcube due dilligence rules?

Our Due diligence Charter

Investor protection and transparency are of the utmost importance to us…

They included FreeTrade on their slides, how sweet :smiley:


Already 8300 investors backed in CC.

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No, not publicly visible. https://crowdcube.app.link/E0R5ABDJGZ

In discussion section "We’ve been absolutely blown away by your interest and support.
Since launching at 10 AM, we have raised over £5 million in 2.5 hours.

On the back of this incredible demand, we have increased our maximum overfunding cap to £6m. We expect this will close extremely quickly.

Please bare with us while we attempt to answer all your questions shortly.


Team Curve"

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Yes it is already fully funded and no it was their first crowdfund

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  • Fastest time to raise £1m (it took five minutes)
  • Highest number of investments per minute (they received 254 investments per minute in their opening 10 minutes)
  • Fastest time to raise £4m (42 minutes)
  • The fastest company to raise £6m with us (five hours)
  • The highest number of investors (they gained a total of 9,591)

Some fascinating stats from Curve and the power of community.

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Can somebody who invested share their rationale, please? I am missing something

What are people’s thoughts on Curve, is it worth getting? Their Curve Black subscription account looks quite good.

Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Always have a back up