Daimler AG - DAI


Parent company of Mercedes, among others.

Much like AML, this isn’t about making money. It’s an aspirational purchase. Holding a piece, however small, of a company whose products I want.


Anymore movement on this company? I’m actually really surprised as on the stocks suggestions page we have people wanting/asking for investment in luxury car brands like Aston Martin or Ferrari (which on the whole wouldn’t be selling a lot of cars), yet one that is consistently making sales and seemingly making profit isn’t available to buy shares in?

This is one that I thought would have been a no brainer to be able to invest in car company wise, along with the other big brands

Well, I’d assume it will have to be added before launching in Germany. So Q1 next year maybe latest?!

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Any news on this being added yet? :wave: FT already has VW group on here, so at least they’re getting there with the German cars. (Also I’m planning on getting a Merc next year and it’d be good in a roundabout way get some money back on it! lol) - invest in what you buy, isn’t that what they say??

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Really want this one now they are bringing out a hydrogen truck come on guys this is the future please add this to the universe of freetrade ASAP before its too late.

Daimler can’t be added at this moment since they are listed on an exchange that freetrade doesn’t support.

Ok no probs thanks

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Any updates on Daimler being added? :eyes:

any updates?

Hi @rrwilla Damiler will come online once :freetrade: support the German exchange which will be at some point in 2022

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