Freetrade API

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Recently created an account, love the service and want to integrate software with my portfolio. I have found an unofficial python wrapper online to integrate with Freetrade but seems so limited in support and very infant stage.

I don’t see why the API’s are not documented into something like Postman so everyone can see the API and code their platform to however they see fit.

If you are a company that values feedback then you shouldn’t presume that API requirement isn’t something beneficial like some on here. API interfaces have transformed industries where bots can transact and I have helped companies in the same way.

Can you confirm your roadmap for API access? Or community effort to develop?

Seems like a feature that already exists but undocumented!

Thanks again and appreciate your response

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There’s a big Zoom meeting next week. Keep an eye on the forum as I imagine there will be a way to submit questions for it :slight_smile:

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I’ll add my support for this.

While an app is fantastic for easy access, it doesn’t lend itself to more complicated functionality, such as stacked buy/sell orders, portfolio level stop losses etc. Couple this with free trades then this is a very powerful proposition.

While there probably isn’t the overall demand in the community to support these features, 3rd party developers can fulfill the micro demand for this.

Some of the most successful software of the past few years, such as Wordpress and Shopify have been based around excelling at their core functionality and allowing a community of 3rd party developers to grow and support the community.

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Any update on the API support for the app?

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Any news on this?