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I’d like to request Hummingbird Resources PLC as a stock option on Freetrade :sparkles:

I am also interested in this AIM stock (LSE Ticker: HUM), I looked into it a couple of months ago but then realised that it was not available on here.
Can it please be added?

Summary of Hummingbird Resources plc based on my basic notes from a few months ago:

  • It is a small cap (around 100M) gold mining producer and explorer, with projects in Mali and Liberia. It underwent significant challenges in 2018/2019 however these seem to have been resolved and it is in a good situation to continue to grow its share price.

  • Obviously it is a very high risk company as its assets are in a very high risk jurisdiction and they have faced challenges before but I get the impression (based on youtube interviews) that the Managing Director and management team have the shareholder in mind and are very aware of the need to deliver value to shareholders.

  • It has several funds/Asset Managers as major shareholders, however I think the board/management team has around 16% of the shares, which means that they have significant “skin in the game” which means they will have a large interest in providing value to shareholders and driving the share price upwards :smiley:.

  • A very important point is that despite its low market cap it was profitable last year and reduced its net debt, showing progress in the correct direction, whilst also making purchases of additional assets and continueing its exploration work.

Anyone that voted for Hummingbird please vote for it also on the “Megathread”:


I just requested Hummingbird Resources on the main requests thread, please like and support to show that there is demand for it:


Good news, Hummingbird has been added :slight_smile:.


Nice to see some good news on the Mail drilling - lifting the share price!

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Some big movement recently, saw a report in Feb23 here that looks pretty positive 2023 Indaba & 121 Investor Conference (

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