[Request] First Class Metals - FCM

So, where we at with getting this added?

So i guess that’s a no on adding this one then?

If you search first class metals in telegram there is a chat group on this company with over 300 people. Some on Freetrade waiting to buy!

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Alex can we have this now pls very important sipp investment for me and I would like to add to my FT account

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Not sure why this isn’t on Freetrade, it’s main market. Plus the excuse of low liquidity would be solved as soon as it was available on Freetrade

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can we have an update on listing first class metals please, FCM. I see there are numerous requests over time. You say liquid is the problem but FT would provide the liquidity. Surely there must be some other reason as its a fantastic stock, also listed in Frankfurt, to be listed in Canada, and they are building a fantastic portfolio of properties including lithium and gold exploration in Canada.


@acamp it’s been a few months now and we’ve been good, can we please get this one added now?

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