[Request] LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton – MC:FP [French]

European markets coming soon ( hopefully )

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They are.


@Viktor Will the instant fee be changing at all as you guys add more exchanges or is £1/€1 the intended price for ALL exchanges? Thanks

We need this ASAP!!!


stock request: LVMH, L’oreal

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Make sure you search before posting stock requests, otherwise you will dilute the vote count, this makes stocks you desire less likely to appear.

The LV brand parent company

Please add LVMH, good timing for buy some shares in this company

There is already a thread for this:

LVMH was requested a couple of years ago, please can this be added?

Also Easyjet would be great.

Do we have a timeline on European stocks? Really good time to be able to buy LVMH, please add soon!!

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See value in restructured business after Tiffany acquisition and the money that shops their brands will be first to purchase postcovid

Great suggestion, it requires EU stocks which should be available soon given the expansion.

LVMH own many subsidiaries across areas such as:

Wines & Spirits (Dom Perignon, Hennessy etc.)
Fashion & Leather Goods (Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior etc.)
Perfumes & Cosmetics (Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo etc.)
Watches & Jewelry (Tiffany, BVLGARI, Hublot etc.)
Selective Retailing (Sephora etc.)

As you can see these are very luxury high quality brands that are perfect for the reopening of the economy, especially in countries with an upcoming middle/upper class (China/Singapore/UAE). Many people are itching to splash the cash they’ve saved being at home and these companies are some of the most innovative and desired fashion houses all under one group.

Short code:MC
Sector:Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods
Exchange:Euronext Paris
Indices:Paris CAC 40

The name speaks for it’s self please add this

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Also in general more exposure to european stocks would be great as I am looking to lean my portfolio away from US stocks due to inflation risks.

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Can you add LVMUY please

Hi @zerus I can see you’re nee to the forum so a hello :wave:t2: from me.

This stock will likely be coming to the platform fairly soon. What do I mean by soon? Who knows! What we do know is FT are focusing their efforts in bring both EU markets to the platform and the platform to the EU markets.

Sit tight - FT will be shouting all about this once they’re live.

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Any update? Keen to add some “quality” to my portfolio. LVMUY could fare better than most retailers as people buying here are not usually affected by interest rates rising and are probably positioned to make money when this occurs.

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Looking forward to this being added