[Request] Vanguard FTSE Developed World Acc ETF (VHVG) - Share Chat

VHVG is the Accumulating version of VEVE


Any word on this? This would be very useful for an ISA

This will save us from dividend reinvesting effort.

Is there a reason why accumulating versions of ETFs are not available on FT in general?

There are accumulating ETFs on Freetrade.

There are some accumulators but most seem to not be

I m new to Freetrade and investing. This ETF could be my first investment. Please add Vanguard FTSE Developed World Acc ETF (VHVG).

Hi @sampoullain @Charlotte
Any update on this please ? :pray:

If Vanguard FTSE 250 UCITS ETF Acc (VMIG) is available then why not VHVG and VFEG?

Hey @xim5! Welcome to the community. We are working on a new batch of ETFs right now. Keep an eye out as they will be arriving in the next few weeks.


This is good news, thanks for the update.

… perhaps even V3AM :crossed_fingers:

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how many weeks is “few weeks”? we’ve been waiting for V3AM and VHVG for around 3 months.

@Charlotte Thanks for making VHVG and VFEG available

I am going to make my first investment today :fireworks: :fireworks:

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