Share Portfolio With Friends or Public

A feature I would love to see in the road map is the ability to share my portfolio with friends or even publicly.

I think opening up investing to everyone is a brilliant mission, and what would help this is allowing individuals to collaborate and share ideas.

I for one would like to share my portfolio quickly with a friend who is new to investing and ideally, in app, chat with him about why I have invested in these stocks. It could appear alongside Watchlists - “See your friends’ portfolios”.

There could be a feature to hide the number of stocks, so he can’t see the value of my portfolio, but could share my portfolio weighting.

Not only would this feature drive increased engagement (and retention), but I also think a feature such as “Andy has just bought Fever Tree”, could help to promote Instant trades, which is a revenue stream for FT. Obviously this feature and its notifications should be optional, but it’s something I would love to see in the next 6 months.

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