4D Pharma :PILL: - DDDD

Have only just checked back on here. Didn’t realise you’d responded. Vote for Nasdaq is today, should it be a yes, they will be listed 22nd of the month I believe.

Couldn’t tell you about gains, I’m hopeful, but no certainty.

They remain as 4D, this is a dual listing

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I have seen chatter around this being a bit of a sleeper hit and that when the market realises this company has a strong pipeline, it may move towards the market cap of competitors e.g. Seres Therapeutics. Who knows though! :upside_down_face:

Great news on the placing yesterday. £17m raised at 110p and share price showed no signs of crumbling.
Now have cash runway up to Q2 2022 to be able to develop the core programmes of immuno-oncology, neurodegenerative diseases and the vaccine partnership with Merck.

Another good twitter thread outlining 4D Pharma prospects.

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Have I missed some news?

The stock has been dropping for days, even this morning it dropped another 1% and before suddenly bouncing back 5%. It’s back down again, but seems much more volatile than usual.

Wow what are people doing on Freetrade?

This incredible UK company developing cancer and neuro disease drugs from gut bacteria has not had a post for nearly a year.

Despite a string of very good recent news.

Parrtnered with Merck and Pfizer to improve the efficacy of their immunotherapy drugs.

Should be on the Freetrade Cancer Fighting List

4D Pharma plc into Administration
Update on Suspension of Trading

Leeds, UK, 24 June 2022, - 4D pharma plc (AIM: DDDD, Nasdaq LBPS), a pharmaceutical company leading the development of Live Biotherapeutic products (LBPs), a novel class of drug derived from the microbiome, provides an update to the announcement released earlier today regarding the Company’s request for an immediate suspension of trading in the Company’s ordinary shares on AIM which took effect from 12.30 p.m. (London).

On 29 July 2021, the Company announced that it had agreed a senior secured credit facility (the “Facility”) for up to US$30m with Oxford Finance LLC (“Oxford”), with an initial tranche of US$12.5 million drawn at closing and further tranches available dependent on the achievement of certain milestones.

The Board has been exploring opportunities to secure additional funding for the Company in recent months, however this has proved challenging but significant progress had been made, despite the very difficult prevailing market conditions. The Board had made Oxford aware of this and discussed a potential funding alternative on the evening of 23 June and on the morning of 24 June, Oxford demanded immediate repayment of the outstanding loans made to the Company, which currently total approximately US$13.86 million, inclusive of accrued interest and associated fees. The Company is not able to make that immediate repayment from its existing cash resources and with no immediate certainty of how that repayment could be made, the Board requested that trading in the ordinary shares be immediately suspended pending clarification of the Company’s financial position.

Subsequent to the suspension, the Board was informed that Oxford had today instructed that the Company be placed into administration, in accordance with the terms of the Facility. Accordingly, James Clark and David Pike of Interpath Advisory have been appointed as joint administrators to 4D pharma plc (the “Joint Administrators”). For the avoidance of doubt, the following wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company have not been placed into administration: 4D Pharma Research Limited, 4D Pharma Cork Limited, 4D Pharma León S.L.U. and 4D Pharma Delaware Incorporated.

The Board intends to work with the Joint Administrators on proposals to rescue the Company as a going concern, albeit there can be no guarantee that this will be successful.


A listed pharmaceutical company has called in administrators following an unsuccessful fundraise.

James Clark and David Pike from Interpath Advisory were appointed as joint administrators to 4D Pharma plc on Friday (24 June 2022).

Headquartered in Leeds and listed on both AIM and NASDAQ, the pharmaceutical company is focused on the development of live biotherapeutics, an emerging class of drugs, defined by the FDA as biological products that contain a live organism, such as a bacterium, that is applicable to the prevention, treatment or cure of a disease.

The business has six clinical programs underway, including therapeutic trials for conditions including cancer, asthma and Parkinson’s Disease.

It has a number of subsidiaries, which are currently not subject to an insolvency process, with facilities in Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and the US.

4D Pharma recently embarked on a fundraising exercise to support its growth. However, with significant uncertainty currently affecting the global capital markets, the company was ultimately unable to progress the fundraise sufficiently quickly.

Against this backdrop, and with the company requiring significant cash to fund day-to-day trading, secured lender Oxford Finance found it necessary to take action to protect its collateral, and subsequently sought the appointment of joint administrators.

James Clark, managing director at Interpath Advisory and joint administrator, said: "Since its inception, 4D Pharma has been at the forefront of innovation around the development and use of live biotherapeutic products, but unfortunately has been impacted by the growing uncertainty gripping the capital markets.

“Our intention is to try to stabilise the company in the immediate term whilst we assess options for the business. We would encourage any parties interested in acquiring the business to contact us at the earliest opportunity. At this stage, 4D Pharma plc’s subsidiaries remain outside of an insolvency process and continue to trade.”