Skinbiotherapeutics plc SBTX

This life science company is focused on skin health. Its platform applies research discoveries made on the activities of lysates derived from probiotic bacteria when applied to skin.

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I have to give this company a big thumbs up - I was a participant in their 2 month study, the successful results of which were recently announced in their RNS. I’m happy to say this has changed my life, for instance I had an 8 inch patch on one arm that, after 3 months (I’m still using AxisBiotix) has cleared up and I’m no longer using prescription medications. Onwards and upwards for these guys.


Following the news of the success of the psoriasis study (see previous post), Tyndall investments now have over a 5% stake in SBTX.

Aside from the probiotic success, and the derisking there, I see an immense future for SBTX:LSE (be careful, there’s another ”SBTX” company that is unrelated) as they are working on lots of different “pillars” of interest simultaneously, in hygiene, wound healing etc and in particular - and fairly recently, a new anti-aging formula …which Croda, also on the up, are spending £5m on a dedicated production facility to produce on licence in bulk to supply their own customer base of prestige clients worldwide, as well as thousands of other mid and low price clients.

With regard to the current star of the show, the successful probiotic supplement called AxisBiotiX-Ps, a pre launch subscription service has been set up, with deliveries scheduled in a few months, this will ultimately be for ongoing monthly sales and steady future revenue. Interest in one week is many thousands. They’ve been in constant talks with psoriasis associations throughout Europe and the US. Stuart Ashman, CEO, says America is ready to run with this.

Update due in 80 days or so.

Traders have been playing games with the stock since the RNS last week but I think things are settling down now and the price should start rising steadily. It’s actually up over 350% in the year.

There are lots of more detailed interviews from the CEO and lead scientist of SBTX on YouTube.

More details/ customer info/ faqs at

Big pharma should be getting worried.

DYOR, good luck!