BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc BCRX

This company operates a biopharmaceuticals busineess that specialises in treating autoimmune diseases and producing antivirals.

I’d be interested to see anyone’s views on BCRX. I’ve just invested, anticipating a big 2021 for them. Just had FDA approval for 1 drug and their pipeline has massive potential. Not seen any posts about them on FT

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You guys need to check it out. Massively undervalued. Blackrock just increased stake to nearly 10%. Alex denner just averaged up at 5%. Fair value ATM is at leaaaaast $25 imo and its trading around $8

I’m trying to buy some stock but doesn’t allow it… any idea why?

that’s related to the current market volatility and freetrade’s technical issues with it, see the 1st Feb 2021 thread pinned on the forum. they’re sorting it out

BCRX is a solid pick, good long term investment imo

A day later, it’s touched $12. This is gonna be a huge year. Hoping FT fixes the issues and I can buy more tomorrow…

Wonderful move today! Hope everyone was able to buy the dip. Still got a long way to go. :ok_hand:

Is it worth holding this stock? I’m new to this game and I took the plunge but the shares seem very volatile

Average down if you can and hold long term, but of course do your own research first :slight_smile:

Looks like another wash out day for these

I’ve been buying some more below 11, best I managed was a limit buy at $10.51. Kinda see these prices as a gift after that data readout on 22nd

I’m not so sure, been looking around and the feeling on yahoo finance is that they’re gonna sell up? :thinking:

Sell up, you mean be bought out? If that does happen, that’s certainly good for us shareholders…

Although with their pipeline, taking the long view I’d prefer for them to avoid BO and grow organically for a while first

They’re definitely hiring like crazy rn

Absolutely, I have seen commentary (no pharma expert) that recent biotech buyout premiums are in the 75 - 150% range to the existing share price.

IF this happens the share price will do very well!

I managed to set a limit order the other day that grabbed shares at $10, Plus benefits working nicely! :metal:

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Taken from yahoo finance chat (not my analysis).

“The entire biotech sector has been falling. The S&P 500 Biotech index in Jan 2021 rose to 9% before falling to a 1.63% year-to-date gain in 2021. In recent weeks, over $85 billion flowed out of the NASDAQ biotech sector. The recent downtrend in BCRX pricing is not specific to BCRX. There are no conspiracies or price manipulations. Now that the pandemic is perceived to be “Under Control”, the drop in price of all Biotech stocks (including BCRX) is due to the outflow of investor’s cash from the Biotech sector into investing in bargain stocks in the beaten-down sectors such as leisure, travel, and entertainment as COVID restriction eases. Without any big news as a catalyst, all biotechs including BCRX price will be stalled. However, unlike many other biotechs, BCRX will have positive catalysts coming up ahead which include the EU approval of Orladeyo expected around May 3rd and continued updates on Factor D’s excellent clinical progress. Strong Orladeyo sales figures in the U.S. and Japan will also drive BCRX stock price. Given the positive catalysts ahead, this explains why there is a high volume of $15 strike call options traded expiring April 16, 2021, in 2020-21 most analysts gave BCRX a maintain or upgrade status, and why the average analyst’s target price is $14.56. BCRX like other biotechs will be taking a beating in the near term, but BCRX will recover nicely. Paper losses mean nothing to me. It’s when I cash in that counts. Stirred but not shaken. Keeping my eye on the prize.”

Hope people are taking the opportunity to buy at this price. All the best!

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I was seriously contemplating selling this stock off… However, its got to be the long game

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I’m not selling for a long time

The volatility can be difficult to stomach but that’s biotech for you - if it was easy, everyone would do it

I said back in March that those prices (under $11) were a gift. Trading in the $13s now and that remains, in my opinion, a gift and I’m still buying when I can

The oversold bio sector (just look at the $XBI) due to deflation of COVID-19 hype stocks has kept the SP even lower than it should be, but more than that, I believe the market still hasn’t clocked the kind of revenues this company will be generating in the not too distant future