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This company makes biopharmaceutical products aimed at treating people with autoimmune diseases.

Alright new to stocks and investing had money in this fir around a year not much happend then now it well up . Which is class but dose anyone know why thanks

Apparently because of this:

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It 100% up do yiu see it keeping it up and keep going because of this ?

Obviously I have no idea …

My understanding is because of this offer they have the money to accelerate the development of a drug that has potential in treating autoimmune diseases. The educated guess I have is the price will stabilise (which could mean a drop or a rise first) and then react according to the results of the testing of the drug. There is at least one other drug they are investigating - and this too will influence the share price.

Biotech companies are high risk endeavours. There are many stages over many years that they need to get through. Your investment is doing well. Now, you have some options: cut and run, sit it out (it could all be much better) or sell a few shares to take some profit and leave the rest in. Do according to your own risk appetite - there are no guarantees.

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Top man thsnk you fkr your advice i do appreciate thanks . Not put a lot in like just seeing how it gose for now let it play out


Going stead been consolidating and picking up a little hope it gose off haha

Biopharma is such a rollercoaster, I don’t have the stomach for it.

Well if am honest i I haven’t got a clue what am doing hahaha just try my luck see how i do init . New to all this and not got to many brain cells hahahaha

Question do companies that dont give dividend ever chage and do start giving dividends?


Yes. Many companies at some point in their existence start to pay dividends. One example is Apple. It did not used to pay a dividend but now pays one (very small). Many companies that could afford to distribute dividends don’t e.g. Amazon. A company like Amazon would invest the money to go off into a new direction (for example) and so choose not to pay a dividend.

Of course there are companies that have paid dividends that reduce or stop paying dividends. One reason that companies pay dividends is that they, as far as they are concerned, have nothing better to do with that money so feel the shareholder should get it.

Remember most companies that pay dividends don’t guarantee to pay a dividend.


Further to the excellent post from @bitflip many companies will return cash to shareholders via stock buybacks.


@bitflip and @NeilB thank you for that information i do appreciate it . Nice one


Still going steady nice just hope it keeps up man

Anyone know why this had a little bip seems to picking up again now any information? X

It keeps on going steady fair play got to love it

It up 310% in 6months sweet that like