ImmunoGen Inc IMGN

This biotechnology company develops antibody-drug conjugates, a class of drugs that are used to treat cancer.

I got this as my free share 4 weeks ago. I wish I’d sold it straight away, it’s just gone downhill and lost 12% of its value since then.

Has anyone bought this stock out of choice or looked into the company much? Is there anything on the horizon that’s a reason to be positive for this company?

If this was a company I cared about and had decided to invest in, I’d have bought the dip. But as I know nothing about them, I thought I’d just leave it and see how it panned out. But if the company really is terrible, I might as well cash the share in while it still has some value, but if there’s any hope for it, no matter how remote, I guess I’ll just keep it. So, anyone have an opinion on them?

I’m keeping my free Cloudera share as a sentimental one :joy: I’m going to keep any freebies and monitor there performance V mine to see if pot luck beats me.

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I brought them nov 21 I can’t remember why but they were a long term HOODL for me and may be it’s all coming good? ELAHERE® Demonstrates Overall Survival Benefit in the Phase 3 MIRASOL Trial in Patients with FRα-Positive Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer
sounds promising " Results Show Statistically Significant Improvements in PFS, ORR, and OS Compared to Chemotherapy

First Medicine to Demonstrate an Overall Survival Advantage in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer"

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Wow, this would have been quite a good return over the year! I ended up just ditching the share at 4.60 (6 May 2022) because I was sick of it cluttering up my spreadsheet!

Most of the other stocks I dumped at the same time have dropped over the year, but Broadcom (AVGO) is up 35%. I think overall I’m glad I cleaned up my portfolio to just ETFs and companies I’m prepared to do some research on.

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